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2017 Theme:


My World Depends on Us

More here on this later. In the mean time some ideas to get started here


Working Together for One World in Peace

The reactions to the terrorist attacks and to the arrival of refugees in Europe in 2015/16 suggest that OWW needs to draw on our tradition of seeking to bring people together to hear each other’s perspectives and share common values.  The current situation calls for us to redouble our efforts to pursue this agenda by encouraging groups to work together locally to inspire citizens and each other to build a culture of inclusion.  

The theme title emerged from the fact that everyone is affected by current issues around migration and refugees, diversity and inclusion, including extremism and Islamophobia.  Locally and globally, our society needs to address these issues to enable us all to live together in peace.

rescued child on wrapped up, beach

We have produced a booklet (8 pp) with suggestions for interpreting the theme. You can download it here (pdf version)n peace. 

It addresses the following:

Background and context

How can we build a culture of inclusion?

What can we do through OWW events?:

1. Encourage people to look at the context of migration in various ways

2. Take inclusive action

3. Link with OWW's partners' actions and campaigns

4. Welcome refugees

5. Counter Islamophobia, Antisemitism and other manifestations of religious discrimination and racism

There are activities suggested in general terms under these headings and links to other organisations' websites which have plently of specific suggestions and ideas.


PREVIOUS YEARS' THEMES - some of these resources are adaptable to the current theme

              those on 'Hope' and 'Peace' are particularly relevant to this year's theme


Inspiring a culture of hope to build a more equal and peaceful world

Much of the conflict we see around us in the world today arises from inequality which we need to tackle before resentment and anger spill over into violence. There is no true peace without justice.

This year we are thinking about how to encourage people to participate in actions to achieve justice for those whose rights are not respected or who are ignored or discriminated against, as well as looking into the gross inequalities of wealth in our world where the 80 richest people own as much as the poorer half of all the world's people.

One of the things that holds people back from getting involved (in voting or campaigning or challenging injustice) is despair. They feel that their views are not listened to or that they cannot make a difference.  We are seeking to show that each of us can make a difference when we speak and act together, by demonstrating that this has happened in the past (eg the Chartists and the suffragettes) and is happening now all around the world in local communities and in world-wide actions and movements. We need to inspire people with the hope that we can make a difference. We can work with others in non violent ways and stand together with those harmed by injustice to challenge the perpetrators and fundamental causes of inequality.

For much more about inspiring a culture of hope to build a more equal and peaceful world -  see our suggestions and resources for event orgainisers about interpreting the theme.

You can download here a pdf document which contains ideas and case studies to inspire discussion and action -with weblinks to organisations engaged with social justice and equality issues. Use this with your  organising committee to plan your OWW events and activities.




Activities for 2014  - "Living Differently"

"Living Differently" was the theme for 2014 which followed on from the previous year's theme; 'More than Enough?' which explored issues of consumerism. We looked at how we could live differently to secure a fairer more satisfying life for us all and one that would protects the planet's resources for future generations. 

Key areas of focus in 2014 were: 

  • Using money differently
  • Sourcing food differently
  • Reducing wastefulness

"More than Enough?" was the theme for 2013  with the sub title: "Aspire not to HAVE more but to BE more"

Explored with people of diverse faiths and none what 'being more' would mean for them. 

"Sharing Destiny - Moving Towards One World"  was the theme for 2012 

 “Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are going.”

This was one of the quotes from our collection - a great way to start people thinking!  Is this what we really want?


In 2011 the 'Living for One World' theme was all about encouraging people to value and understand our world and those who live in it. We developed some activities to help get people thinking about what they can do to make the world fairer and more sustainable.

Many of these resources can also be used to start a discussion on the challenges of climate change that we must address to support those already suffering increased hardship and to secure a better world for future generations. Please click here to go to our Discussion pages to find discussion starters including PowerPoint presentations.

You can download all of these resources for free and use them in your One World Week events, or at brownies, scouts, youth club or in school.

 hand outlining a word (in a crossword)



This kind of activity has been used successfully at OWW events like meals to   engage people, including adults, in the topic while waiting to be served or between courses. But loads of applications for use with children and youth groups too.

 Find them on the  Quiz page

 solar panels on a house in the Mosel Valley(photo-Hirom)


Living for One World pledges

Persuade participants in your event to commit themselves to live for one world by signing up to one or more of these pledges:

Download 'Environmental Pledges' here


   a quarter of a face

Who is this?



All you need to conduct Adults' and Children's quizzes. They come in sections and you can print off the whole lot or just the section you need. 

Find them all on the Quizzes page

waving banners - Christian Aid

Take Action

This specially compiled guide to websites of other organisations includes those with ideas for taking personal action to address issues of climate change.

Find them on the Links page

"Save our World"

A drama for young people.

Download here



Activities relating to Peace

Rainbow peace flg

    The week before One World Week is the the week of Prayer for World Peace

cover of activity pack  A new resource on Peace from "Fly Kites Not Drones"


"Fly Kites Not Drones" started as a peace campaign which was inspired by the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul, who would tell international peace visitors that weaponised drones have made the beautiful blue skies a fearful sight for children, so much so that they now prefer not to take part in the favourite (previously banned by the Taliban) Afghan pass time of kite flying. Many peace groups have taken part in raising a kite to the sky in solidarity of those children living under weaponised drones. The theme has developed into a peace education pack for young people between the ages of 8- 18 years, with workshops which help young people in this country understand and empathise with young people living under weaponised drones. With modern warfare rapidly heading in the direction of drones and robotics, it's essential that the next generation has a grasp of the moral and practical implications of using computers to kill. This is a timely and poignant peace education pack which includes the positive and creative aspects of making and flying kites, with accessible interactive fun workshops which clarify the danger and terror behind weaponised drones.

 To download the resource visit: http://www.flykitesnotdrones.org/

For kite making instructions:  http://www.flykitesnotdrones.org/resources/workshop4

To request a workshop facilitator or paper version of the pack: http://www.flykitesnotdrones.org/contact


OWW Resources

 ‘Creating a culture of peace for our children’ was the OWW theme in 2010. We developed an exciting selection of games and activities which continue to be appropriate for use with subsequent themes. You can download all of these resources for free and use them in your One World Week events, or at brownies, scouts, youth club or in school. 

Many of these resources can also be used to start a discussion on the challenges we must overcome to obtain true peace in the world.  There is guidance on how to go about this on each individual page, or you can click here to be taken to our ‘Discussion’ resources page.

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Be aware of your power to make a difference and take a stand by committing yourself to peace.  These pledges can be used to inspire you to write your own, to match up pledges to their reasons, or to make a multicoloured ‘pledge paper chain’ or ‘pledge tree’.



1000 Paper Cranes

 Find out about Sadako Sasaki in this short story and then follow the step by step instructions on how to make paper cranes for peace.




Peace symbols

 Learn about widely recognised peace symbols and then follow our suggestions to create scavenger hunts, play a game of pairs or snap, or design your own peace symbol.




One World Week quizzes and wordsearches

 Download our peace themed quiz and use it at coffee mornings, in pubs, as a feature of an evening get-together or anywhere else you fancy testing people’s knowledge.  We have one quiz for adults and another one developed especially for children.

There is also a question-and-answer style children's wordsearch, designed to stimulate thinking about the world in a fun and challenging way.




Downloadable games

 Here you will find a selection of games. There are quizzes, board games and other practical activities to choose from.


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Press Releases


Including You
(August 2016)

Recently Added Resources

New Funding Opportunity - The Common Good Fund - Application Deadline 27 Feb. 2017 see more here

Organisers' Evaluation form for 2016 events Download from here

Wordsearches for Including You events - download them from here

Press release template for 'Including You' events download here 

Quotations about  building an inclusive peaceful society - Download from here a 5 page booklet as a word.doc or pdf 

Pledges to build an inclusive society - find them here

"Who is a Migrant?" - anactivity/game to get people talking to each other at your events. Download the instructions here 

School Assemblies from Christian Aid- link to and download a PowerPoint and notes 

Looking for a speaker for your event? Download here a list (pdf) from the Discussion page (posted 12 Sept 2016)

Faith resources relating to "Including You".Download pdf here  links to materials offered by OWW's partners and supporters: worship, discussion, films ...plus Prayers for OWW(updated 7 Sept '16)

Presentation "A OWW approach to Migration" Download this PDF version of a 12 slides (15 -20 minutes) powerpoint

Need funding for your event? Apply to Big Lottery Celebrate Fund! NOW or you'll be too late for OWW more here and other suggestions

Poster/ flyer design kit - download from here

2016 Leaflets "Including You" download PDF versions here

Introductory PowerPoint about organising local inclusive OWW events - updated for 2016.  Down load ppt here

Migrant crisis or poverty crisis? - A briefing paper from Global Justice NOW Download as a PDF here

2016 - "Including You" - Booklet of ideas, links and resources for interpreting the theme. Dowload a PDF here (updated July 2016)

Learning resource/activity for young people about peace - from Fly Kites not Drones;   suitable for activites in or out of school. find links here: schools ; activities (added Nov. 2015 but still relevant for this years events)

Organisers' Evaluation Form for event organisers to completand send to OWW - down load the word.doc from here

Event participants feedback form  (for organisers to collect feedback from participants at OWW events)   (word.doc)