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Leaflets, images and other resources for publicising your OWW event.

Press Release template to download here

If you would like us to send you professionally printed copies of the leaflet or poster, please contact us by clicking here.

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One World Week 2014 - Breaking Chains Hands

 You can download the One World Week 2014 Living Differently Breaking Chains Hands image here.


One World Week 2014 - Making Change Hands

 You can download the One World Week 2014 Living Differently Making Change Hands image here.


One World Week 2014 - Chain

 You can download the One World Week 2014 Living Differently Chain image here.


One World Week Logo for 2014 - Living Differently Title

 You can download the One World Week 2014 "Living Differently" title here.

Font used is "Dickie".


One World Week Logo for 2014

 You can download the One World Week 2014 logo here (PNG)

leaflet for 2014 - outer pages

 You can download the One World Week 2014 leaflet here (PDF 1.39 MB)

it folds into A5 by folding both hands in so they make the front, with the Chains and heading on the back. You then open out the hands to read the text inside.

You can use the whole outer side (this view on the left) to make an A4 poster using the space above the chain links to advertise your event.

(You can also use the individual elements of the design found elsewhere on this page to design your own posters.)

2012 leaflet 2012 leaflet


Download the 2013 leaflet here  -  One World Week 2013 Leaflet - PDF 3MB



You can download here: One World Week 2013 Publicity Resources - PDF 212KB

- this "More than enough?" image;

- the "MORE THAN ENOUGH?" title;

- the "Aspire..." quotation ;

- various versions of the the IF logo

You can use them to make your own local publicity materials - Posters, flyers etc

(If you use Microsoft Office you can extract single images as follows: download and save as a PDF file. Open that and scroll to the image you want to copy ; use the 'snapshot' tool found in 'Edit';  paste the 'snapshot into a word.doc, copy the image and save as a jpg in you pictures folder)

Press Release

Here is a template you can use for your press release. Download a word.doc here

2012 leaflet

One World Week 2012 Leaflet - PDF 659KB


2012 resources

One World Week 2012 Publicity Resources - PDF 83KB

You can download this image, and two styles of title to design your own posters, local flyers etc.

One World Week 2011 Leaflet - PDF 121KB


One World Week 2010 Leaflet - PDF 135KB




Black and white logo - JPG 465KB

Black and White logo compressed - JPG 28KB


Gold and burgundy logo - JPG 895KB

Gold and burgandy logo compressed - 23KB


One World Week ‘flag - JPG 494KB


top of Press release template

2011 Press release for promoting your event (adaptable) - Word 1997 1.27MB


Poster to advertise your event on - PDF 1.70MB


Flyer about One World Week - PDF 126KB


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Call For Climate Action

For the love of each other, this spring, we are standing with over 100 organisations to call for climate action for the sake of all the things that matter most.

For the love of the food on our plates. For the love of our global neighbours. For the Love of Somerset, the Arctic and the Great Barrier Reef. For the love of country walks and Britain's beautiful seasons.

For the love of all the things we care about, we're taking climate change seriously. And we're not alone.

It’s time to stand up, for the love of each other, and demand action.

Will you share what you love? (

For the love of video

Press Releases


Recently Added Resources

Quotes about "Living Differently" (and each of the 3 elements of the theme) - use them to start discussions, in press releases, as talking points in any event. (added 14 Oct 2014)

Resource leaflets "Finding out more about ethical investment: website links" (Word .docx) (contributed byPhilip Hayllar, Portsmouth OWW Oct 2014)

Living Differently -  Featuring food/a meal in your event? These resources from CAFOD could enhance the menu!  (amended Oct. 2014)

 'Living Differently -a selection of videos to inform and entertain' (updated Oct. 2014)

wordsearch:'The world we want'. Download and print the search and answers (two - suitable for use with the 'Living Differently' theme

 2014 Worship resources for the "Using money ethically" element of the "Living  Differently"  theme (added 13 October 2014)

 2014 - A worship resource from CAFOD - Call of Creation - A PowerPoint for  reflection (added 25 September 2014)

2014 Worship Anthology for  "Living Differently" plus  supplementary material (added 21 Sept. 2014)

Faith and School resources for 2014: School Assemblies on Living Differently(added 18 Sept. 2014)

 Press Release Template for publicising your event 2014 (word.doc) (issued 30 Sep.2014)


Publicity materials for 2014 'Living Differently' (pdf)

Evaluation form for organisers to report back to OWW - 2014  (added September 2014)

Working with Others -in 2014 - Ideas for events and links to OWW Partners and their resources  (updatedvariously from July -September 2014)

Event participants feedback form (for organisers to collect feedback from  participants at OWW events (word.doc)

2014 - a video to trigger ideas to help you start planning your OWW events

"Living Differently" downloadable leaflet for OWW 2014 (pdf) - added 29 May 2014 

Introductory PowerPoint about organising local interfaith/inclusive OWW events in 2014 (updated 28 May 2014)

2014 Theme summary: A4 with 2xA5 single sided leaflets to down load and print for use at planning meetings as an alternative to the full annual leaflet.  (added 23 April 2014)

Pledges to help you "Aspire be more" word.doc (added 1 Oct 2013)

OWW Guide and links to other websites for resources relevant to environmental issues (updated Sept 2013)- (word doc)

Funding Opportunities -  Aug. 2013