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How to do a OWW Event

Welcome to our 'Doing OWW' pages!

For ideas about  "LIVING DIFFERENTLY"  themed events, please scroll down this page.

Our  hand book "Piecing Together One World" draws together  30 years' experience of putting on OWW events together with the insights from the Ubuntu project (completed in 2011) and is an easy to read guide to everything you need to know about putting on a OWW event

The key to a successful OWW lies in having clear objectives, careful planning, good teamwork and events which involve and inspire your community in celebration, learning and action.

Whether you have been running a OWW for a number of years as part of an established group, or are an individual wanting to get started, the following pages are designed to help you make the most of what you choose to do.

Whatever you do, be green! Because we need a sustainable planet to underpin all the improvements we seek. So, please strive to make your event environmentally friendly, by raising the awareness of everyone involved to: minimise waste, pollution and water consumption; encourage use of modes of transport which minimise environmental impact (e.g. tell people how to get to your event by public transport); choose environmentally friendly options for serving food and drinks and re-use and re-cycle all waste and unwanted products.

Good luck with your planning for your OWW event!

All the best from the OWW office.

Visit the following pages:

Ten Top Tips

Involving new people and forming a local OWW group

To see what events took place in previous years visit our OWW Events Pages

Work with other organisations in 2014

You don't have to do it all by yourself!  This years theme is the ideal opportunity to work with local branches of OWW's partners and many other organisations,

Visit our 'WORKING TOGETHER' page for more

What you could do to mark One World Week 2014 

The theme for OWW 2014 is:

 "LIVING DIFFERENTLY - Breaking Chains- Making Change"  


There are so many ways to do a OWW event. Here are some suggestions to inspire you.

Tell everyone you know that 19 - 26 October is One World Week. From mother and toddler groups, to work places, schools, colleges and even the gym, everyone can do something big or small. Every event counts.


Tried and tested event ideas:

Food or 'Meals with a message'

You can cover all or one of the sub-themes : sourcing food differently, (food sovereignty v. coroprate power over what we eat); reducing waste; and using money ethically (invest in pesticide cos. or small holders, organic sustainable farming, helping farmers to adapt to climate change schemes?)  Choose your speaker carefully. (Traidcraft and WDM can help)

Hold a shared meal:  evening supper, lunch, coffee morning or even a breakfast before work. Invite friends, neighbours and colleagues new and old. Highlight fair trade, local and organic food and drinks and their role in shaping a more equitqble and enduring future for people and the natural environment.

Have a multicultural meal with recipes from the different cultural groups in your locality and reflect on what you can do together today in sharing and caring for your communities that will contribute to a peaceful and equitable community for your children. 

Invite an after dinner speaker to raise issues about hunger in the midst of plenty.  Discuss what we can do about consumer culture and reducing waste to lessen our demand for global resources so that others can have their fair share. Discuss whether our Government's overseas aid programme is using our taxes in the best possible way to help poor farmers feed their communities.

Use our Grace Accross Faiths resource to add an inter faith dimension.

Walks or cycle tours 

Gather people together to WALK through the town, giving out  One World Week leaflets. Show solidarity with thousands of others who are concerned to find a way to live that helps to combat climate change, to reduce waste and to use money and investments to satisfy needs now and invest in building an enduring world with peace and justice for all its people.

Plan prominent places for the procession group to stop & reflect and take action, making a statement surrounding the theme. Invite local media to cover the event. 

If you like CYCLING visit the website of our partner', 'MADE in Europe'  to see how young Muslims in London have developed this idea. You could do it for awareness raising amongdt participants, sponsors and spectators as well as fundraising. 


Invite key speakers from a range of faith groups to speak on how their faith responds to the idea that we should "Aspire not to have more but to be more" and what that might mean for how we could "LIVE DIFFERENTLY" to  try to eradicate poverty and protect the natural world and its resources for future generations. What common ground is shared across different faiths? How have other OWW supporters around the world gathered people together to work for a common cause?

Hold a "Question time" type event  and invite people to speak on one or all three of the themes e.g.

Sourcing Food differently:  a local food producer (farmer, allotment holder, community food scheme), supermarket manager, someone from the local Fairtrade group or Traidcraft;

Reducing waste: people involved in local neighbourhood tool-sharing scheme or clothes recycling or local authority recycling schemes or FOE's 'Make it better campaign';

Using money to make change: someone from Shared Interest, a local financial advisor, your bank Manager, a local currency advocate.

Ensure you have a range of views and you'll have a great discussion - get people to make pledges at the end about what they will do differently. They could write their own or choose one from OWW's partners' suggestions (currently being assembled and will appear on our Resources (pledges) page.)

Inter-cultural celebrations

Cultural music, dance and poetry are great ways to involve members of your community in gathering together and celebrating diversity. Invite local schools, scout groups and faith groups to participate in an evening of entertainment. Invite everyone to write or choose a OWW pledge about what they will do to "live differently", and join in with an existing campaign, or alternatively, to create one that is relevant to your community.     ( We will have a list of pledges available specifically focussed on this year's theme but you can easily select some from last year's list, here on our pledges page.)                            

Inter faith events

Invite members of faith communities different from your own to come and talk about how their community views the concepts of consumption and 'being more' in a way that enables us to address issues of climate change, poverty, hunger and injustice in the world in order that our children may live in a more equitable and enduring future. Use OWW's Islamic and Christian Perspective Presentations as starting points to introduce these two faith perspectives.


Friendly matches or fierce competitions between parents and children, or employees and employers, can be a fun way to bring people together. Ask a prominent member of the community to open the event. Using the theme, ask everyone to reflect on what they can do to create a fairer more enduring way of living. Raise money for OWW or for another charity that is helping people adapt to climate change and alleviating poverty and injustice in the world.


Encourage your faith community to look at ways to "Live differently", at home, in the community and in the world.

Use the OWW worship resources. New ones will be ready for October but there are lots from previous years from which you could put together something suitable for this year's theme.

"One Million Ways" - work with your local Christian Aid organisers to show your local churches how people all over the world are living differently to tackle to climate change (see our "Working with others" page )

Worship with the World

A great way to widen out the walls of your building is to link up with others by having a live phone interview, as OWW supporters did in Ulverston Methodist Church. They used a mobile phone and amplifier and asked people in churches in Australia, Estonia and America to lead intercessory prayers with the congregation and then talk on topics related to the theme. "It was a most moving experience to be led by someone thousands of miles really did make us feel part of one world" (Rev.T.Wells).


One World Week is your chance to join thousands of others...


• to explore the links that bind us to our fellow men and women, so that we can work with them for justice and peace and a greener future for all

• to celebrate the richness and diversity of belonging to one world

• to recognise our responsibility to care for the earth,  share its resources fairly and use them sustainably to ensure they are available for future generations to use in their turn.

• to challenge whatever keeps barriers between us intact or strengthens them

• to reach out to all members of the community

• to bring issues of justice and peace to the centre of family, school and community life


 We can't change the world overnight - or even in one week - but we can make a start.






Call For Climate Action

For the love of each other, this spring, we are standing with over 100 organisations to call for climate action for the sake of all the things that matter most.

For the love of the food on our plates. For the love of our global neighbours. For the Love of Somerset, the Arctic and the Great Barrier Reef. For the love of country walks and Britain's beautiful seasons.

For the love of all the things we care about, we're taking climate change seriously. And we're not alone.

It’s time to stand up, for the love of each other, and demand action.

Will you share what you love? (

For the love of video

Press Releases


Recently Added Resources

Quotes about "Living Differently" (and each of the 3 elements of the theme) - use them to start discussions, in press releases, as talking points in any event. (added 14 Oct 2014)

Resource leaflets "Finding out more about ethical investment: website links" (Word .docx) (contributed byPhilip Hayllar, Portsmouth OWW Oct 2014)

Living Differently -  Featuring food/a meal in your event? These resources from CAFOD could enhance the menu!  (amended Oct. 2014)

 'Living Differently -a selection of videos to inform and entertain' (updated Oct. 2014)

wordsearch:'The world we want'. Download and print the search and answers (two - suitable for use with the 'Living Differently' theme

 2014 Worship resources for the "Using money ethically" element of the "Living  Differently"  theme (added 13 October 2014)

 2014 - A worship resource from CAFOD - Call of Creation - A PowerPoint for  reflection (added 25 September 2014)

2014 Worship Anthology for  "Living Differently" plus  supplementary material (added 21 Sept. 2014)

Faith and School resources for 2014: School Assemblies on Living Differently(added 18 Sept. 2014)

 Press Release Template for publicising your event 2014 (word.doc) (issued 30 Sep.2014)


Publicity materials for 2014 'Living Differently' (pdf)

Evaluation form for organisers to report back to OWW - 2014  (added September 2014)

Working with Others -in 2014 - Ideas for events and links to OWW Partners and their resources  (updatedvariously from July -September 2014)

Event participants feedback form (for organisers to collect feedback from  participants at OWW events (word.doc)

2014 - a video to trigger ideas to help you start planning your OWW events

"Living Differently" downloadable leaflet for OWW 2014 (pdf) - added 29 May 2014 

Introductory PowerPoint about organising local interfaith/inclusive OWW events in 2014 (updated 28 May 2014)

2014 Theme summary: A4 with 2xA5 single sided leaflets to down load and print for use at planning meetings as an alternative to the full annual leaflet.  (added 23 April 2014)

Pledges to help you "Aspire be more" word.doc (added 1 Oct 2013)

OWW Guide and links to other websites for resources relevant to environmental issues (updated Sept 2013)- (word doc)

Funding Opportunities -  Aug. 2013