How can I publicise our local OWW Event on the site?

We only allow registered users to submit OWW events to the site, (in an attempt to keep the site as spam free as possible). Registration is free and by registering you also get our regular newsletter, and you can also suggest useful links to the site. In addition to being registered you must also have logged in. Once logged in you can add your event here. If you would like to register, then please complete this registration form.

How can I share my photos of our local event with other site users?

We'd love to have photos of your events for our gallery section. Registered (and logged in) users can upload their photos to us using this form. Please be sure to submit information with your images - titles and/or captions, copyright info and a title for the set of images that you are uploading. Please only upload JPG images! We reserve the right to decided whether or not any uploaded images are suitable, and to decide whether to publish or not. By submitting your images you are giving OWW permission to use them in our publicity material, where all images used will be credited to the individual.

I have not received a response to my query.

Webber Design are the administrators of the One World Week site and any technical queries sent through regarding the site are directed to us. Our office is open from 9am until 5pm on Monday to Friday. Any questions sent through during this time will be dealt with as we receive them, however if any queries are sent during the weekend or after 5pm on Friday, these will be answered first thing on Monday morning.

Should I be worried about having my contact details on the site?

We have anti-spam technology set up on the site so even if your email address can be seen on screen, these details are not readable by spam-bots. We have done everything in our power to make sure that the site is protected and safe against spammers, however no system is ever 100% safe, not even the Pentagon!


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Recently Added Resources

Event participants feedback form  (for organisers to collect feedback from participants at OWW events)   (word.doc)

Christian Worship Anthology- Hope in Action available to download as pdf or in a word version you can edit (15 Sept. 2015)

The Funding Opportunities page has been updated  (1 Sept. 2015)

New teaching resources on Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 10: "Reducing Inequalities" -  from 'Think Global'  (issued 29 Aug. 2015)

Press Release Template for publicising your event 2015 (word.doc) (issued 14 Aug. 2015)

2015 leaflets available to download & print

Introductory PowerPoint about organising local interfaith/inclusive OWW events in 2015

2015 -Suggestions and resources for interpreting the theme, Hope in Action. Download a pdf version OR a word.docx version

Resource leaflets "Finding out more about ethical investment: website links" (Word .docx) (contributed byPhilip Hayllar, Portsmouth OWW Oct 2014)

wordsearch:'The world we want'. Download and print the search and answers (two  (Oct. 2014)

 A worship resource from CAFOD - Call of Creation - A PowerPoint for  reflection (added 25 September 2014)   

Pledges to help you "Aspire be more" word.doc (added 1 Oct 2013)

OWW Guide and links to other websites for resources relevant to environmental issues (updated Sept 2013)- (word doc)

A video to trigger ideas to help you start planning your OWW events