Categories: News
      Date: 02-12-2011
     Title: Feedback on the Ubuntu Project

The response from our funders to the final report on “Exploring Ubuntu: One World Week Across Faiths” has concluded that the project was well run and succeeded in it's aims.

We have recently received feedback from the consultants of the Development Awareness Fund (a former fund of the government's Department for International Development, DfID) which funded the project OWW completed in March 2011, “Exploring Ubuntu: One World Week Across Faiths”.  We are delighted to share their comments with you:

 “1) This was a well-managed project working with new target groups and as such provides an interesting model for collaboration with a wide range of community groups. You showed that you were able to respond well and be flexible as the project developed.

 2) It is acknowledged that it can be difficult to monitor all project activities when you use a cascading model but nevertheless you appear to have collected sufficient evidence to show that your project has been successful. It would however be worth considering external evaluation in the future.

 3) You have developed strong and close relationships with your partner organisations and they have made a significant contribution to the project. It is good to note that this will enhance the sustainability of the project and it is hoped that the DAF project will provide a sound platform for future initiatives."

 Congratulations to all who were involved in the project.  This endorsement serves as tremendous encouragement to us all to take the learning and experience of the project into future One World Weeks and to offer with confidence the Handbook which drew on that experience, “Piecing together One World” to new partners and organisers.


See the full letter here