The theme for OWW 2017

Sunday 22nd - Sunday 29th October  

 will be:


My World Depends on Us

Help needed

OWW needs volunteers to undertake a variety of specific tasks. If you could offer a few hours a week, a month or occasionally, to help  keep OWW working, please consider the range of volunteering opportunities  here 

 Partners Campaigns and Activities

Many of One World Week's partners and supporters run campaigns and activities relevant to the OWW theme. 

You will find summaries and links below to actions you might wish to take or draw attention to at OWW events.

One World Week is the UK representative of North South Centre's Global Education Week

The 2017 week is from 11-19 November. The theme for 2017 is “My world depends on us"

More here

Think Global logo

offers ideas and resources for teachers to use in schools and colleges

Courses and resources for teachers - here

New resource about migration - here

Resources about Sustainable Development Goals -here

Help make the case for global learning - here

Inter Faith Week 2016 took place from Sun. 13 Nov.  - Sun. 20  Nov.   

       How it all went - here

 New Resource for Interfaith Activities:-

Inter Faith Week Toolkit - here

Next steps - here

MADE logo

MADE has some great inititiatives for young people to get involved in multifaith Good Neighbour- type activities - here

Global education resources for Muslim Schools and youth actions available - here

OWW is a member of the Trade Justice Movement

Click on the logo for more information about their work

Discussion papers related to OWW's Good Neighbour issues:

- the implications of Brexit for trade and international development - here 

- an alternative vision for trade policy- here 

- trade policy designed to explicitly support the Sustainable Development Goals and the development goals of communities in the world’s poorest countries: here


OWW is a member of The Climate Coalition

More about The Climate Coalition here

Week of Action 1st - 9th July  - find out more here

link to SCC Cymru

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland,

Scotland has its own coalition which helped secure the Scottish Climate Change Act targets to reduce emissions by 42% by 2020.

Latest news here

 Stop Climate Chaos Wales

Wales has its own coalition - more about it here


 CHANGE THE STORY - SPEAK FOR HOPE.  Help change the story around refugees.   More here

Taking responsibility for climate change which is hurting our neighbours:


- The banks are using our money to invest in fossil fuels - you could email your bank to ask them to help combat climate change by moving our money out of fossil fuels and to invest in renewables - more here  watch a very clear film here

 The Big Church Switch

 -persuade your Church to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy - More here about how to do it easily.

There are excellent resources: films, prayers etc. about our responsibilities as good neighbours to stop climate change

"Caring for our common home and our global neighbours starts in our own homes and in our own neighbourhoods."

So - for example,  you could switch your home energy supplier - more here

Or try some of the other ideas for tackling climate change here

Refugee Action

Refugees are our neighbours too - Cafod is encouraging people to send them messages of hope.  more on this here



The Fairtrade Foundation is campaigning, alongside other partners, to make post BREXIT trade deals work for developing countries.

"EU measures currently mean many farmers from the poorest countries do not have to pay tax to import their produce into the UK. If equivalent ones aren’t put in place by our government, the moment we leave these farmers could face a £1 billion import tax bill."

They want you to Email your MP now and educate them on what’s at stake. 



OWW's partners, Action Aid, campaigns against policies and practices that keep people poor. Find out about their tax dodging campaign here. Tax dodging means depriving governments of the funds to invest in better public services, thus driving people to migrate elsewhere to seek a better life

Their campaign, "FEARLESS" addresses issues of violence against women - more here .

They do great teaching resources too!-on these and many more topics -more here

runs significant campaigns which relate to our role as Good Neighbours. Their briefing papers offer insights and analysis into the injustice of systems that cause poverty and suffering for our global and local neighbours.

More on their campaigns here

Specific current actions are detailed here :

- rights of EU citizens in the UK

- "tell M&S to stop funding hate" (i.e. to withdraw their advertising from the Daily Mail.)

- "call on UK to support the "UN declaration of the rights of peasants and other people working in rural areas"

- "ask the Mayor of London for a fairer energy system".




The gap between rich and poor is out of control.

Oxfam's EVEN IT UP campaign aims to do something about it.Here is a short video and action points

Oxfam invite you to:

send a letter to the world's billionaires - here

write to your MP about armsales and Yemen

call on the PM to end inequality and the era of Tax havens

Take OXFAM's quiz about Refugees HERE


has a range of campaigns  - news of them here

Currently they are campaigning on Trade and the opportunities Brexit offers to negotiate fair trade deals with developing countries that benefit everyone. They invite you to sign a petition to Liam Fox, the Minister responsible for international trade, to tell him to make trade work for everyone- here



Social Networking

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