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OneWorldWeek — Including You BannerLess than 2 weeks to go and 2 things to do!

Still time to plan your event around the 2016 theme:

"INCLUDING YOU - Acting Together for One World in Peace".


Is your event registered on the website yet?

If not, please do submit your event (however small or large, routine or ground-breaking!) so we can all feel part of the bigger movement together this One World Week.

Go to “Submit your event” on the front page of our website to fill in the form which one of our volunteers will upload in a couple of days, OR access the form directly here

It’s very important for us to keep track of what is going on, to know the impact of what we are doing. This is also of help to our partners and any potential funders.


Look at the new resources which are now available and which you may want to use in your event:

  • PLEDGES - to build an inclusive society - great for getting people thinking about what they can do. Download here

  • QUOTATIONS – about inclusion - thought provoking, stimulate conversation, make great discussion starters, arresting publicity, bookmarks… Download here

  • WORDSEARCHES – two levels: easy and challenging - both are about what an inclusive society or good community might be like. Download from here

Whatever you do, have a great ‘Week’!

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