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OWW Email Newsletter September 2016

So, One World Week is just 6 weeks away.

Still time to plan your event around the 2016 theme

"INCLUDING YOU - Acting Together for One World in Peace".

Already got it sorted? Send us the details here.

However big (a fayre?) or small (a school assembly?), it is good to be part of the combined effort of local activities all over the country. It also helps us to build an accurate picture of all the small “doves” creating a larger movement for peace and justice (as on our image).

OWW Newsletter Banner

Still need more ideas?

You could start by downloading the 2016 leaflet and guidelines from the website,

Or you can just do your own thing, as a regular meeting of your local group.

Or you might try and contact a local refugee organisation (lots have come into being in the last few months) to see if you can link up with them in some way.

No event will be too small or insignificant. And if it happens later than the official dates of 23 – 30 October, that will be OK as well! We still want to "include you"!

New downloadable resources are still in the process of being added to the website, including:

  • Theme guidelines – with links to positive case studies and stories you might like to use

  • Publicity templates and logos using excerpts from the 2016 leaflet

  • Pledges to build an inclusive society – with hints how to use them

  • Links to some fantastic resources from supporting organisations (see links in the Theme Guidelines and on the Home Page (please scroll down)

  • Powerpoints

  • Links to prayers and other worship ideas

  • Speakers (would you like to be added to this year’s list?)

  • School assemblies (to be produced by Christian Aid in October)

  • Feedback forms – to be used at events for participants, where feasible

  • Evaluation forms – for you to help us assess how it all went afterwards

  • Plus a host of activities, quizzes, games, drama, craft – some new from other organisations and some tried and tested but still relevant to school children or adults.

Do keep going back to the website to see what resources have been added or updated and which events have been posted. Enlist others to send in their email addresses as well, to be added to our database of on-line supporters.

Social Media: "Like" our Facebook page to keep in touch more frequently and use it to share information and stories more widely.

Contact us: We have limited capacity, all working as volunteers, but do email us on if you have any questions or suggestions and we will do our best to answer.

Help us: If you would like to help us as an on-line volunteer from your own home, or as a Trustee, please get in touch so we can explore together how you might be able to join our team.

New Website: We are currently working hard preparing our new revamped website, with volunteer Charlotte valiantly cataloguing all our resources, so you will be able to find them easily in future on the new site just by typing in a couple of key words. To keep life simple, this will be launched after OWW is under way. Look out for announcements on the existing website and on our Facebook page.

Finally, don’t forget the vital pleas (“vital” because, in order to keep OWW operating, we need evidence to convince potential funders that events really are happening all over the country!):

  • Register your event on the website (there is a simple template to complete and send to Alison - You can find it here)

  • Get some feedback during your event (we have simple forms you can use, where feasible), as this could help your evaluation that we will greatly appreciate afterwards. Find them here.

  • Donations – one-off collections are most welcome, but also vital are regular contributions, however small, as together they mount up, giving us the stability we need to plan ahead, keep our website alive and build for a positive future together. Details here. Thank you to all of you who have already set up standing orders.

We look forward to hearing how you have interpreted “Including You” relevant to your own community, sharing stories in solidarity with the vulnerable world-wide.

From the OWW team:

Alison, Aneta, Charlotte, Ingrid, Jonaid, Roger, Sarah, Sue,

and all at Webber Design helping us build our new, exciting website.

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