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Quizzes and Wordsearches

NEW  WORDSEARCHES for 2016 theme:  

INCLUDING YOU Acting together for one world in peace

A wordsearch suitable for everyone including children and those for whom English is not their first language:

You can download the Q and A sheets together:  as  a word.doc  or  a PDF

or download the Question sheet on its own:  as  a word.doc  or  a PDF   

or download the Answer sheet on its own:  as  a word.doc  or  a PDF   

A Challenginging Wordsearch for the enthusiasts

You can download the Q and A sheets together:  as  a word.doc  or  a PDF

or download the Question sheet on its own:  as  a word.doc  or  a PDF   

or download the Answer sheet on its own:  as  a word.doc  or  a PDF   


Below you will find an adult’s quiz, a children’s quiz, wordsearches and a childrens question-and-answer wordsearch to use in your One World Week events.  


one third of a face


 Adult's quiz

This is based on the 2011 ‘Living for One World’ theme.(so be warned that some of the statistics are no longer the most up to date)    

40 questions are split into groups of 10 themes: ‘Environment’, ‘Religion’, ‘International Development’ and ‘Pop Culture/news’.  There is also a picture round also based on the theme. You don't have to use all of it; if you use the Word version - you can select sections to print. The pdf versions are less flexible but retain their fomat reliably.  

The quiz can be used at almost any event, including coffee mornings, evening meals and pub gatherings. There is a mix of easy and challenging questions, so everyone should be able to join in!

You can download files which contains the Quiz Masters question and answer sheet, blank answer sheets for the teams, the picture round, and question sheets without the answers for those who require it.

Download the quiz WITH answers - Word 1997 152 kb 

Download quiz WITHOUT answers - Word 1997 115 kb

Download a blank answer sheet - Word 1997 91KB

Download the quiz picture round - Word 1997 214 KB

pdf versions are also available;

Download quiz WITH Answers -pdf

Download quiz WITHOUT answers - pdf

Down load blank answer sheet - pdf

Download the quiz picture round - pdf

 black question mark on round yellow sign against blue sky  

Children's Quiz

Our children’s quiz follows the same style and format as the adults quiz, but is shorter. 

Suitable for children aged 11 upwards. in youth clubs, guides and scouts. It is also appropriate for schools as many questions relate directly to required learning outcomes of various secondary school curriculums, including Citizenship, RE, geography and PSHE.

Download the quiz WITH answers - Word 1997 80 kb

Download the quiz WITHOUT answers - Word 1997 70 kb

Download a blank answer sheet - Word 1997 212 kb

Download the quiz picture round - Word 1997 959 kb




Theme related wordsearches are fun for all ages.

This one contains words to describe "The world we want". Appropriate for the 2014 theme. Good for families and mixed age groups - younger children might want some help with the longer words).

Download 'The world we want - wordsearch' here 

Download 'The World we want - wordsearch' answers here

    This one was designed for the 'Living for One World' theme but very appropriate for 'More than Enough ' as well. Challenges adults and children alike

Download 'Wordsearch' here

Download 'Wordsearch Answers' here



  Children's question-and-answer Wordsearch

This wordsearch is designed to be fun and engaging, whilst also encouraging children to think about the world around them. 

This file contains the children's version of the word search, and an answers version for teachers, youth leaders and other facilitators.

Download the wordsearch - Word 1997 55 kb

Download the wordsearch with solutions shown - Word 1997 55 kb


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Including You
(August 2016)

Recently Added Resources

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Quotations about  building an inclusive peaceful society - Download from here a 5 page booklet as a word.doc or pdf 

Pledges to build an inclusive society - find them here

"Who is a Migrant?" - anactivity/game to get people talking to each other at your events. Download the instructions here 

School Assemblies from Christian Aid- link to and download a PowerPoint and notes 

Looking for a speaker for your event? Download here a list (pdf) from the Discussion page (posted 12 Sept 2016)

Faith resources relating to "Including You".Download pdf here  links to materials offered by OWW's partners and supporters: worship, discussion, films ...plus Prayers for OWW(updated 7 Sept '16)

Presentation "A OWW approach to Migration" Download this PDF version of a 12 slides (15 -20 minutes) powerpoint

Need funding for your event? Apply to Big Lottery Celebrate Fund! NOW or you'll be too late for OWW more here and other suggestions

Poster/ flyer design kit - download from here

2016 Leaflets "Including You" download PDF versions here

Introductory PowerPoint about organising local inclusive OWW events - updated for 2016.  Down load ppt here

Migrant crisis or poverty crisis? - A briefing paper from Global Justice NOW Download as a PDF here

2016 - "Including You" - Booklet of ideas, links and resources for interpreting the theme. Dowload a PDF here (updated July 2016)

Learning resource/activity for young people about peace - from Fly Kites not Drones;   suitable for activites in or out of school. find links here: schools ; activities (added Nov. 2015 but still relevant for this years events)

Organisers' Evaluation Form for event organisers to completand send to OWW - down load the word.doc from here

Event participants feedback form  (for organisers to collect feedback from participants at OWW events)   (word.doc)