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Why Evaluate?

Evaluation of OWW events is very important for us all because:

  1. your experience can inform your future planning;

  2. it enables us to learn from your experience and share it with others; and to celebrate all your hard work! So please send us your comments and images;

  3. it lets us know what is happening and enables us to be accountable to our supporters and funders. This is crucial to help to maintain and build our funding and partnerships and, thereby, to reach out to more people and make a bigger difference;

  4. we know that many events are held for which we have no information. So this year, if you know of any events but did not see them on the website, please tell us about them. (Our hearing about an event more than once from different people is far better than it happening without our knowledge!);

  5. your feedback enables us to develop and tailor the support we offer you – so we can try to ensure your needs are met accurately next year.

Data on participating organisations

We need to ask for information about participating organisations.  Our vision is of ‘People working together to build a just, peaceful and sustainable world’.  Your local information will help us build and strengthen partnerships at the national level.  Many national organisations use OWW as an opportunity to develop awareness of how we can, together, take action to build a fairer and more enduring world, at peace with each other and with nature.  Those on our National OWW Working Group are particularly interested in news of their local groups engaging with OWW, which faiths or sects are represented (if any) and which of their resources have been used.

Organisers - Please collect data for us and for you!

We have designed a simple Signing-in Sheet and a Participants' Feedback Form to make it easier for event organisers to find out how people attending their event responded to it and which organisations and faiths were represented.  

Print out and use whichever is more appropriate for your participants to fill in at your event.

These are available on the Resources-evaluation page or you can:

Download the Participants Feedback form here or Signing-in Sheet here .

After the event, please collate the responses and use the data to complete – on line- ONE Organiser's Evaluation Form for each event.

You will be able to Download the Organisers' Evaluation Form for 2018 from the Evaluation library later in the year.