Hello, we have recently updated our website and have archived the previous version. The documents and downloads from the previous site are still available. If you cannot find a specific document, please contact oww@oneworldweek.org

Submit an Event

Please complete the form below. Please enter "None" if there is no data to enter for that field. This will go to a OWW volunteer who will enter the details of your event on the Calendar within 3 - 5 days. 


Events outside OWW - we are also publicising events, mainly virtual events, here that are happening on days outside OWW but of relevance to the OWW theme and put on by groups and organisations who share our aims.


Arrangements for 2020 Virtual events

Most of the categories will still be relevant but: 

"Event location" will only be relevant for locally organised events including virtual events, so, if you expect mainly local participants, put the local postcode for your town on this line. other events can be attributed to the town and postcode of the host.

" Event Admission details" - we suggest that you:


- ask people to "email the organiser to register for the event", then you can send them the joining details. If you only want local people to join you, please say so (otherwise you might be overwhelmed with applications!)


- where appropriate, insert a website address where attendees can register.