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OWW Newsletter August 2017

How's It Going?

OWW's 2017 theme is:

Good Neighbours

My World Depends On Us

22 - 29 October 2017

OWW invites you to explore how we can become good neighbours locally and globally.

OWW 2017 Leaflet

We have received our first submissions of events for One World Week on the new website.

Whether you're in the midst of organising your event or haven't started yet, there's lots on the new website to help you. NB - It’s only on the NEW site; so make sure you use the new address:

The ideas behind the Good Neighbours theme can be found on the THEME page; more detailed discussion about interpreting the theme, publicity resources, worship suggestions and other useful resources are gathered together on the Resources page under the THEME and GUIDELINES resources library.

The newest items appear first but the rest are in the "library". If you are looking for something specific, perhaps from a previous year, type key words into the search box (top right of the page) and you’ll be offered a list of possible matches.

The leaflet is available to download and print (enter '2017 leaflet' in search box) or go to theme page here;

We do have a small printed supply for distribution at events and in mailings. Please get in touch before the end of August if you would like some. Contact us here

Making your own publicity? – you can use the images, headings etc. from the leaflet, -take a look at One World Week 2017 Theme Kit in the Publicity Resources

Worship Resources

We have compiled a selection of materials to help you plan your service, drawing on material from our supporting organisations and others. A new edition can be downloaded from the new website. (enter "worship resources for 'Good Neighbours'" in the search box).

Tell us what is happening!

It is SO important for us to know what you are doing for OWW! Firstly, it encourages a sense of solidarity across the whole OWW community that similar events, however large or small, are happening across the country and beyond. Secondly, it enables us to include you when we compile our necessary reports and gives us all a more accurate sense of the scale of what is going on.

So, PLEASE upload your event, however small, on the website via this link to a brief form. It’s very easy and only takes a few minutes. (Later, we will also appreciate knowing how it all went via our 2017 evaluation form.)

New trustees & volunteers needed- We urgently need both. Please think about whether you or someone you know could join our small friendly Board of Trustees. To find out more about what is involved, please look at our Trustee Recruitment Pack here

We also need Volunteers to help with resources for this year’s theme. Contributions to researching (e.g. Quotations); producing them (e.g. word searches) and / or uploading them on to the website etc. are urgently required. (see the Recruitment page of the NEW WEBSITE: here


Don't forget to "like" our Facebook page which, along with our website, is constantly being updated with news items about One World Week and relevant organisations.

Individual donations for our core work, including those arising from events, and even Standing Orders, which are most welcome, should be sent via the Donate page on our website, wherever possible. We can also reclaim Gift Aid online as well. However, as a last resort, we do have a volunteer caretaker address to receive cheques at 15 Bryngwyn Road, Newport NP20 4JS.

With our good wishes for your 2017 planning from the OWW team,

Alison, Aneta, Ingrid, Jonaid, Roger, Sarah and Sue

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