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OWW Newsletter November 2017



"Good Neighbours - My World Depends On Us"


We’ve been hearing about exciting events large and small but so far only a few - We KNOW there was much more going on - so PLEASE tell us how your event worked out.

Please download an evaluation form, fill it in and email it to OWW – please complete a section D for each event you held, whether it was a church service, a month-long exhibition or anything in between. A couple of pictures could be useful for our website as well!

We really do need your feedback - it helps us cater for organisers’ needs in future and it helps us to explain to the Charity Commission, our partners, our funders and potential funders just how worthwhile OWW is. They want to know: how many events? What were they about? How many people were involved? Who came? What did people do and learn?

We know from our own experience how difficult it is to count up numbers when you’re in the midst of an event, let alone the ethnicities, faiths and ages of people attending. But rough estimates are better than nothing and your feedback will be much appreciated.

Initial reports suggest that the theme was embraced enthusiastically: additional local organisations joined the planning teams – even more than last year; events took place in new venues and drew in new people; serious discussion events and celebratory party events were well attended and some events that were new last year were repeated.

And for 2018’s theme?

(OWW will be 21-28 October 2018 - includes 2 Sundays!)

In 2018 we’ll be celebrating 40 years of OWW – do you have any ideas about how we should do that? Please email your suggestions to:

The Europe-wide Global Education Week Network will be discussing the 2018 theme at the end of this month in Lisbon. They come up with an overarching theme which we usually then customise for the UK audience. Our volunteer Facebook manager, Sue, will be representing us this year. We would love to have your views on what issues you would like OWW to focus on next year. Please email us by return, so Sue can feed your ideas into the discussion in Europe.

Volunteers and new Trustees

The National OWW Team desperately needs reinforcements to take OWW beyond the 40 years it has achieved. We need new skills, ideas and energy - please ask anyone you think could contribute some time and talents to contact us or, perhaps, you could offer a few hours a month yourself …?

In particular, we urgently need someone to collate the feedback being sent through (with support from us). What better way to familiarise yourself with what has been happening across the country?


Finally, as ever, any donations are really welcome - A big THANK YOU to those who have already sent in funds raised as a result of OWW events. OWW's continuation depends increasingly on donations from events and supporters

Please Donate here

With best wishes from the One World Week team,

Alison, Aneta, Ingrid, Jonaid, Roger, Sarah & Sue

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