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OWW Newsletter – September 2020


OWW Newsletter Header Title - It's Our World Let's Make It Better

Dear Supporter,

We hope you are well and have been able to enjoy the summer even if wasn’t quite as you’d hoped or planned. In this newsletter, we draw your attention to:

  1. up-coming actions on climate change
  2. planning for OWW 2020, 18 - 25 October 2020
  3. 24 October - Action on Trade

1. Plans for climate action from The Climate Coalition(TCC) (of which One World Week is a part and all these actions relate to our theme )

The Declaration - 90,00 people have already signed the Climate Coalition’s Declaration but do add your voice and share it as much as possible. It relates to their more detailed plan for a green recovery which you can see here - There’s going to be an extra push to get signatures at the end of September.

Submission builder - In the Autumn, the government will be issuing its Comprehensive Spending Review which is a 5-year spending plan. It’s an opportunity to make a strong case for an effective green recovery and the Climate Coalition will make the case with your help. On 7th September they are launching a ‘submission builder’ and want thousands of people to share their ideas. See OWW’s Take Action page where we’ll put up the links you’ll need to join in.

New green jobs. TCC will also be organising Zoom meetings around the country getting ideas for new green jobs.

Global day of Action on Climate Change on October 5th is planned with lots of groups involved so do look out for news of this and how you can take part.

2. Planning for OWW 2020

By this time of year we have normally held our initial local meetings for planning activities and events for One World Week and are busy organising events to bring local people together to explore our theme and celebrate being part of one world. But this year we have been waiting to see if such activities will be possible at all.

It now seems that the usual One World Week physical community activities (18-25 October) may not be feasible in 2020, so let’s innovate and come together by other means. We have prepared a “leaflet”, which include the suggestions below, that you can send to members of your planning group.

(The “leaflet” which also includes an introduction to the theme, is available to download from

Ideas for Activities in OWW 2020

Online events work really well. Zoom enables you to invite speakers from around the world, show pictures or videos, organise a quiz or survey, worship together, have a virtual coffee morning or wine and cheese party and you can collect ideas and comments from people who join.

Friends of the Earth have a good easy-to-follow guide to how it works. How to set up a Zoom meeting | Climate Action You could try it for a local planning meeting for the Week!

Virtual meetings

E.g. 1 - Making Our World Better

Line up a set of 5 lead speakers and give each five minutes to present an example of how we can make the world better – you could focus on your local area but do include a global element too – It is One World Week!

Speakers could draw examples from:

  • something their own organisation is doing;
  • an idea they have read about or seen on television

Then invite additional contributions, comments and questions from the audience.

You could collect all the ideas to send to an MP or local council.

E.g. 2 – A Study Group or Book Group

You could set this up initially by email. Choose a topic (or book or TED talk). Allocate resources (videos, newspaper articles, quotations etc. to individuals to study in advance. Arrange a Zoom meeting for everyone to get together and discuss their findings.

E.g. 3 – Invite a Speaker on a topic you choose

They could be from anywhere! Someone from a National organisation for example – they would probably set up the meeting for you.


You could organise one based on issues relating to making the world better. See OWW Website – Resources- Activities- quizzes; Cafod - who offer Q’s on their website Here

Faith events

Virtual events have been held on line for months now so how about organising one for OWW? We are collecting materials you could use which we’ll put on the OWW website. Virtual Interfaith events could work well too. You could invite faith representatives to offer their perspective on making the world better. (See Faith-based resources on our website; The Interfaith Network – here has loads of examples of how faiths are responding to Covid.)


Invite people/ schools/ organisations to submit photos of Artwork / poetry / photos / short videos relating to the OWW theme of Making the World Better. Put them together as a PDF/ slideshow or webpage and send them out to local contacts.

Sing along

And do share the inspirational One World Song! Follow the links here and watch the video here


We have prepared a special leaflet (downloadable from to help teachers find resources to celebrate OWW in schools. Our partner, Global Dimension, now run by Reboot the Future, will be publicising OWW but it would also help if you could send the leaflet to your local schools.

3. Action on Trade - 24th October

You might want to include this in your OWW programme - more details will be added to the Take Action – Global Justice Now page as soon as they are known.

Please share with us your ideas and your plans for activities virtual or otherwise

Email us your ideas at

Enter your plans on the Website at to publicise them and inspire others.

from the OWW team: Alison, Aneta, Ingrid, Jonaid, Sarah and Sue.

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