Hello, we have recently updated our website and have archived the previous version. The documents and downloads from the previous site are still available. If you cannot find a specific document, please contact oww@oneworldweek.org

One World Week - Working together for a just, peaceful and sustainable world

Since 1978, each year, thousands of people have taken part in One World Week events across the country.

The events have been organised by volunteers with the common purpose:

To share understanding about some of the global issues that affect us all and to recognise we can all make a difference.



The Charity, One World Week, closed in September 2023. OWW's role as UK National Co-ordinator with the EU Global Education Network which runs Global Education Week has being taken on jointly by Global Dimension (run by Reboot the Future) and the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, (WCIA).

More information from the Trustees here.

OWW is no longer producing any new resources.

You can continue to use this website and social media links to:

Global Dimension (here) and WCIA (here) offer the latest resources and programmes, mostly for young people but many would be useful for local community event organisers.

One World Week Resource Library

We have collected a library of resources to help you organise your One World Week event. Choose from the resource categories to view them.

The One World Week Newsletter

The final One World Week Newsletter explains OWW's closure and introduces the organisations that have taken over.