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Take Action

Many of the organisations that One World Week works with run campaigns and activities relevant to the OWW theme.

You will find summaries and links below to actions you might wish to take or draw attention to at OWW events.

Black Environment Network

BEN has put multicultural environmental participation on the agenda in the mainstream. We enable environmental organisations and anyone working for change to work effectively with Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities through raising awareness, facilitating contact, speaking at events and providing training.

You can be part of this inclusive movement by always reaching out to include people from diverse cultures in anything that you do. If you need advice or support, contact ukoffice@ben-network.org.uk

Resources, publications and model approaches are available on http://www.ben-network.org.uk/resources/publs.aspx

Judy Ling Wong CBE, President Black Environment Network writes:
"Ethical Consumer and the Permaculture Association are teaming up to deliver ‘training for the future’: ethical lifestyle training designed to support individuals, communities and business in addressing their ecological, social and animal impacts.The course will focus on both individual and group action, and cover home-life, work-life and community-life.

We would love your input in shaping in the training - either through our 10-minute online survey or by joining us for a focus group session. The online survey is available at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ZMGJ5HC


cafod logo 2019














 Cafod's New Campaign on Climate Change:

Let's Reclaim Our Common Home

-more here, including a video; a briefing and resources to help you take action against climate change; and a petition to sign NOW about COP26. There is a useful explanation of what the COP26 is and why it matters, here.

This quotation from Pope Francis seems particularly appropriate for the OWW theme:

Children and their future     

 "Young people are not meant to become discouraged; they are meant to dream great things, to seek vast horizons, to aim higher, to take on the world, to accept challenges and to offer the best of themselves to the building of something better." 

Pope Francis, Christus Vivit 15


Cafod's response to the Coronavirus emergency:


All Cafod's latest campaigns - here                                              












Christian Aid

Coronavirus emergency

Christian Aid's appeal to help the most vulnerable- more here

Opportunities to Campaign for Change:

There are excellent resources: films, prayers etc. about actions we can take to stop climate change:


Building Back with Justice - A campaign to to reshape our world and reimagine a future that is built upon the intrinsic God-given worth of everyone as a foundation. Find a discussion guide here.

Climate justice in 2021 - more here

The call for a Debt Jubilee - more here



The banks have been using our money to invest in fossil fuels - The campaign has won a number of victories (News of progress with the banks - here). Currently campaigning to get HSBC to make the Big Shift -   you could email HSBC here to ask them to help combat climate change by moving our money out of fossil fuels and to invest in renewables - more here;  watch a very clear film here.

-The Big Shift Global

You can ask the World Bank to get all their money out of dirty fossil fuels and into affordable renewable energy to reach and benefit even the most vulnerable and remote communities. (more here) 

Displaced People:

volunteer to host a church exhibition tour to raise awareness of internally displaced people

CA have recently delivered a petition calling on the UK Government to ensure the UN negotiations include better protection for all displaced people, not just refugees but internally displaced people too. (A briefing paper is available here)



Commitment for Life

is the United Reformed Church’s global justice programme.

With their two partners – Christian Aid and Global Justice Now, they enable local congregations to pray, advocate and take action for the most vulnerable people.

Through Christian Aid they support  four regions – Bangladesh, Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala),  Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territory and Zimbabwe.  See the "Moving Stories" about about the lives of individuals and communities in these countries - here

A video relating to Nestle's abandonment of Fairtrade cocoa for KitKat is well worth sharing - details here

More on their website here




Reboot the Future



The Global Dimension website has terrific resources for teachers. It brings together resources, case studies and background information to help teachers and other educators bring a global dimension to their work.

Global Dimension have tweeted their three top picks for teaching about the Climate Emergency - Access them here:




In April 202, they are asking: “How Will You Reboot the Future?”, inspiring new conversations on the climate crisis and supporting young people to take action.

"We’re calling on all educators of 14-18 year olds to ignite your students’ sense of optimism, tap into their imagination and creativity, and inspire them with positive and personal ways of engaging in climate action."  more ...


 They are offering teachers a free Global Learning Wall Planner - order yours here- or take a look at the CALENDAR with monthly themes, special days (incuding OWW) and related resources


Global Dimension, formerly hosted by "Think Global", is now owned and managed by Reboot the Future, a UK charity which works to build a more compassionate, sustainable future through a simple principal, the Golden Rule: treat people and the planet as you would wish to be treated.











  W.African woman


Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade and the environment

Fairtrade is an important tool in tackling climate change as, by raising incomes, it enables farmers to invest in adaptation, recovery from disasters and environmentally sound sustainable farming.

"8 ways Fairtrade farmers protect the environment" an illustrated article here

Videos:  A  short video (Oct 2020) summarises how Fairtrade is tackling climate change -  here; plus several more case studies of the work farmers are doing - here

During 2021, the Fairtrade Foundation is encouraging campaigning for Climate Justice in the lead up to the COP 26 in November in Glasgow.  

Fairtrade Fortnight 2021 was from 22 February to 7 March 2021

Choose the World You Want - A Festival of  "Climate, Fairtrade and You ".  (more here)

Most events were recorded so you can catch them on demand here.

Watch this space for futher actions in June to encourage support for a strong stand at the COP, in the interests of farmers around the world who grow our food.

 Fairtrade and the Coronavirus situation

How Fairtrade producers are responding to the health threat: read the reports from Central America - here; Chile and Thailand - here; Sri Lanka - here ;

Covid 19 is driving more children into child labour - what Fairtrade can do to counter this threat - here

Fairtrade easter eggs for staff at London hospital - more here.


Ongoing Campaigns - more here. 

They include:












Global Education Week (GEW)

One World Week is the UK representative of the Global Education Week, under the auspices of the North–South Centre of the Council of Europe.


Global Education Week in 2020 took place from 16 - 20 November 2020!

It’s our world, let’s take action together!

The Week focussed strongly on activities within the framework of the SDGs. The slogan “It’s our world, let’s take action together!” focussed on rethinking our world together, using Global Education as a tool for solidarity and change. During the Week everyone was called to play their role as global citizens and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world, by sharing solutions to rethink our habits and ways of living, but also finding new forms of education and socialisation.

Gathering and merging ideas is essential to the Global Education Week. Any parties interested can join this initiative by contacting the national coordinators of the network, (OWW in the UK) to engage directly in some of the activities already planned or by proposing new ones.

Relying on the European Consensus for Development, The North-South Centre and the Global Education network coordinators have developed a new outreach strategy for the Global Education Week (GEW). 

Visit the GEW's new webpage here, with its 'toolkit' to support whoever wishes to join this yearly campaign.


In the context of the COVID-19 crisis,the North-South Centre has launched a participatory campaign, 'One World, Our World - #Solidaction' to promote citizen solidarity initiatives to support public engagement against global inequalities.  More here


















Global Justice Now

Global Justice Now runs significant campaigns which relate to how we can help bring about change in the world. Their reports, briefing papers and webinars offer insights and analysis into the injustice of systems that cause poverty and suffering and what changes are needed for a better world to become possible.


Up soon:

A training course for global justice activists  25 March 2021- more on this here



Climate Justice at the COP 26 - here

Stop the US Trade Deal - here

  • The 2020 book "Trade Secrets" is available here;
  • a shorter (8 pages) briefing paper here;
  • a petition to sign here.

Coronavirus emergency

 A series of webinars is highly relevant to OWW's theme - catch up on the podcasts here

They have two petitions :

  1.  Coronavirus Drop the Debt - jointly with the Jubillee Debt Campaign, calling for cancellation of debt so poor countries can instead spend money on their under resourced health services to help cope with the epidemic.
  2.  Make any Covid-19 vaccine affordable for all - globally


More on their other campaigns here (the drop-down menu lists campaigns where you'll find the detailed reports and briefings and actions)

More about their campaigns and opportunities for on-line actions we can take now - here:


The Islamic Foundation For Ecology And Environmental Sciences (IFEES)

is a UK based charity dedicated to the maintenance of the Earth as a healthy habitat for all living beings. "Our exertions since the mid 1980s have been directed towards creating mass awareness and include research, the production of teaching materials, training and project development and we offer this work as a gift to our fellow humans whoever and wherever they may be." (more here)

Find out about the "Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change" and download it from here

Thinking about a post Covid-19 Future

IFEES have issued a Statement: "What can we learn & do differently in the future?" about coming out of the Covid Crisis. Download it from their website here.

Muslim Green Guide to Reducing Climate Change - download a copy from here.


The Inter Faith Network

Their website has information and resources to help you find opportunities and ways to develop better understanding between faiths, here.

COVID-19 update

A statement from the Inter Faith leaders about the Coronavirus pandemic here

Inter Faith organisations are finding ways to communicate and hold virtual events - here

Faiths and Climate Change

Local inter faith organisations and environmental social action - here

Inter Faith Week has grown steadily ever since its launch in 2009. It is a fantastic opportunity for people of all faiths and beliefs to mix and learn; visit places of worship of your neighbours and find out why their faith matters to them;  get past stereotypes and misunderstandings and increase religious literacy; celebrate; dialogue; and volunteer together to help your local community. - All about it here


Specific ideas and resources for Inter Faith Week, here.


Islamic Relief

"We believe in working together to campaign and advocate on important issues that affects the lives of many in the UK and across the world. We are working on some of the most pressing issues facing the world today such as climate change, conflict, gender issues and more.

Current campaigns:





Oxfam is urging rich countries to fully fund an emergency response for the most fragile countries, and to double health spending in poor countries through aid and debt relief.

Coronavirus: Information and updates from Oxfam GB


Oxfam invite you to find an action to:

Tackle Climate Change - here

Stop UK arms fuelling suffering in Yemen here

Stand as One with refugee families - and help refugees in the UK be reunited with their families here

Reduce the gap between rich and poor - you can find out about Oxfam's campaigns to tackle inequality and tax dodging here.


Some great stories of indivudual experiences of Climate Change here




Act for our Future



Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Scotland has its own coalition which helped secure the Scottish Climate Change Act targets to reduce emissions by 42% by 2020.

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26)

will be taking place in Glasgow in November

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is organising all kinds of events in the run up to prepare people for the conference. Find out what's going on here

They are working in collaboration with the Climate Fringe to organise event before and around the COP - more here, including a video about the COP in Glasgow - here.



 Stop Climate Chaos Wales

Wales has its own coalition - more about it here

Stop ISDS logo

OWW is one of a number of civil society groups supporting a campaign to Stop ISDS in UK trade policy. Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms allow foreign investors to sue national governments for any measures which harm their profits. This makes it harder for governments to regulate in the public interest and can cost the taxpayer millions. Developing countries are especially vulnerable as they pursue Sustainable Development Goals and legislate to improve their environment, employment rights and health of their people – any of which might harm foreign investors profits! Find out more about ISDS here.  Find out which organisations are part of the STOP ISDS coalition here.

This campaign is especially timely as the UK reassesses its trade and investment policy in the light of Brexit, but it is also supported by groups across Europe and internationally.  If you wish to support this campaign you can sign a petition addressed to the UK government here





























The Climate Coalition

OWW is a member of The Climate Coalition (TCC) and we want to play our part in preparations for the COP26 ( UN international Conference Of the Parties i.e. States and international bodies addressing climate change)

The Climate Coalition has an exciting programme of actions from now running up to the COP in Nov 2021. (more about the campaign here)

2021 Build up to the COP26 - The Time is Now:

February. - Show the Love

          Creative public engagement and green hearts

March 30th

          official launch the big week of events taking place this September 18th-26th,  THE GREAT BIG GREEN WEEK

June,- G7

          Together: local & regional mobilisations

September. - Climate Festival: 18th-26th


It would be great to involve your OWW contacts with this and put on events in your community. TCC have set up a brilliant new website: www.greatbiggreenweek.com  with advice, resources and all you need to make a local impact and get everyone thinking and talking about climate change.  


November - COP26: 1-12 November 2021 - in Glasgow

Bring mass public attention to the COP, reflect activation through 2021


You can still sign up to the DECLARATION here - which was launched on September 30th 2020 - more here


TCC has published a series of Reports assessing the risk from Climate Change to aspects of our lives.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TCC's latest report (Feb 2021): "This report comes with a health    warning" looks at the impacts of climate change on health;

See their other reports here: Homes (2020); Food (2020); Homes (2019; Sport (2018); Iconic Landscapes (2017)



This was launched on June 15 2020 and sent to the Prime Minister.  It puts forward a seven-point plan to forge a resilient economy at home and overseas which puts climate action, sustainability and justice at the heart of our recovery.

You can download the plan and the letter from here

"The UK is at a turning point. As we build back from the current health crisis, we have the opportunity to rebuild a resilient economy that benefits everyone in society and tackles climate change and nature’s decline, creating jobs and protecting the most vulnerable in the UK and around the world. Or we can let the moment for change pass us by, go back to old ways and wait for new crises to hit." (TCC)

Take action together 

You can access their members list here and see if there are any local groups in your area that you can work with or join in any event they are organising; or you could invite them to yours!


logo of TJM






Trade Justice Movement

OWW is a member of the Trade Justice Movement.

Click here for more information about their work

TJM has useful summaries of the issues related to current trade deals: here

And a detailed report:

- A US-UK trade deal: issues from a civil society perspective. (pub. June 2020) This report highlights concerns regarding the potential impacts of the deal for UK policy on climate, the environment, food and agriculture, healthcare, digital rights, labour rights and international development. It details the ways in which four key provisions (regulatory cooperation, investment protection and ISDS, services and government procurement) could impact on Civil Society priority areas. (This would be a great paper to educate your MP !) - you can download it here.

- its Manifesto on Trade agreements (published Nov. 2019) - you can read it here

- the implications of Brexit for trade and international development  here 

- an alternative vision for trade policy- here 

- trade policy designed to explicitly support the Sustainable Development Goals and the development goals of communities in the world’s poorest countries: here





logo for Traidcraft Exchange








logo for Traidcraft Company and shop


The coronavirus has exposed the true ugliness at the heart of fast fashion

and there’s one simple thing you can do to helpmake things better… Action here


Traidcraft campaigns  - news of them here

Current campaigns include:

  • Who made my clothes? (here)
  • Stop rolling out the red carpet (here)

Trade and the opportunities Brexit offers to negotiate fair trade deals with developing countries that benefit everyone; lots of information and a report here.

Traidcraft exchange is also focusing on helping producers affected by the reorganisation Traidcraft plc. and raising funds urgently for this work - more here

Traidcraft products

If you want to order Traidcraft products for refreshments or a stall at your event go to the Traidcraftshop website here. Traidcraft plc will be undergoing a major reorganisation early in 2019 but you can still order products here.


world social forum 2021


 people demonstrating with placards


UNITED for Intercultural Action

OWW is a member of this European Network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees. More about the Network here

Latest news here

including a report on the thematic day on Climate, Ecology, and the Environment at the World Social Forum on 29 Jan, 2021. here


Please note: UNITED is in the process of updating the addresses of member organisations. They have not yet entered the current contact details for OWW that we have sent them.



Friends of the Earth  (FOE)


FOE are doing some excellent work on climate including a set of demands for a green recovery. More here including a useful video.

They have drawn up a green and fair recovery plan (you can read it here) and outlined various ways to get involved in local action including working with your local council.

You can find out how to set up a ZOOM meeting here.