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Take Action

Many of the organisations that One World Week works with run campaigns and activities relevant to the OWW theme.

You will find summaries and links below to actions you might wish to take or draw attention to at OWW events.

Black Environment Network

BEN has put multicultural environmental participation on the agenda in the mainstream. We enable environmental organisations and anyone working for change to work effectively with Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities through raising awareness, facilitating contact, speaking at events and providing training.

You can be part of this inclusive movement by always reaching out to include people from diverse cultures in anything that you do. If you need advice or support, contact ukoffice@ben-network.org.uk

Resources, publications and model approaches are available on http://www.ben-network.org.uk/resources/publs.aspx

Judy Ling Wong CBE, President Black Environment Network writes:
"Ethical Consumer and the Permaculture Association are teaming up to deliver ‘training for the future’: ethical lifestyle training designed to support individuals, communities and business in addressing their ecological, social and animal impacts.The course will focus on both individual and group action, and cover home-life, work-life and community-life.

We would love your input in shaping in the training - either through our
10-minute online survey or by joining us for a focus group session. The
online survey is available at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ZMGJ5HC

We will be running three focus groups in August:
- Manchester, 10:00 - 1:00, Tuesday 27th August 2019
- London, 10:00 - 1:00, Wednesday 28th August 2019
- Brighton, 10:00 - 1:00, Thursday 29th August 2019
If you are interested in joining any of the focus group sessions, please contact clare@ethicalconsumer.org. We would be very grateful for your help and support."


cafod logo 2019


Cafod's latest campaign:

 Our Common Home - new campaign on Climate Change

more here, including a video; facts and figures, and resources to help you take action against climate change including:


How to get involved with the Mass Lobby of Parliament on June 26th. More here












Christian Aid

is offering opportunities to Act for Change:

Take responsibility for climate change and make changes to protect the planet:


Mass Lobby of Parliament 26 June - The Time is Now - more here on how to join in.



The banks have been using our money to invest in fossil fuels - The campaign has won a number of victories (News of progress with the banks - here). Currently campaigning to get HSBC to make the Big Shift -   you could email HSBC here to ask them to help combat climate change by moving our money out of fossil fuels and to invest in renewables - more here;  watch a very clear film here.

-The Big Shift Global

You can ask the World Bank to get all their money out of dirty fossil fuels and into affordable renewable energy to reach and benefit even the most vulnerable and remote communities. (more here) 

There are excellent resources: films, prayers etc. about actions we can take to stop climate change

Displaced People:

volunteer to host a church exhibition tour to raise awareness of internally displaced people

CA have recently delivered a petition calling on the UK Government to ensure the UN negotiations include better protection for all displaced people, not just refugees but internally displaced people too. (A briefing paper is available here)




Reboot the Future


The Global Dimension website brings together resources, case studies and background information to help teachers and other educators bring a global dimension to their work

Global Dimension was hosted by "Think Global" until November 2018, when, sadly, after 35 years of promoting global learning, "Think Global" closed.

It is now owned and managed by Reboot the Future, a UK charity which promotes a more compassionate and sustainable world with the Golden Rule at the core.


Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade Fortnight 25 February - 10 March 2019 focussed on cocoa, empowering women and a living income - more here

The Fairtrade Foundation is campaigning, alongside other partners, to make post BREXIT trade deals work for developing countries.

"EU measures currently mean many farmers from the poorest countries do not have to pay tax to import their produce into the UK. If equivalent ones aren’t put in place by our government, the moment we leave these farmers could face a £1 billion import tax bill."

They want you to Email your MP now and educate them on what’s at stake. This could be the moment the UK changes to trading in a way that delivers a fair deal for everyone.


Global Education Week

One World Week is the UK representative of The Council of Europe’s Global Education Week


The 2019 week will be 18-24 November 2019, under the theme “Wake Up! This is the final call for climate.

More here


Global Justice Now

Global Justice Now runs significant campaigns which relate to how we can help bring about change in the world. Their reports and briefing papers offer insights and analysis into the injustice of systems that cause poverty and suffering and what changes are needed for a better world to become possible.

Local groups received the OWW 2018 leaflet in their Think Global mailings in July, and the Portsmouth group organised a well attended OWW event, a talk/discussion on "Dare to Dream - a world without borders" with GJN's Head of Campaigns. Find out if there's a group near you - here - that you could work with.

More on their campaigns here (the drop-down menu lists campaigns where you'll find the detailed reports and briefings and actions)

Opportunities for on-line actions we can take now - here:


The Islamic Foundation For Ecology And Environmental Sciences (IFEES)

is a UK based charity dedicated to the maintenance of the Earth as a healthy habitat for all living beings. "Our exertions since the mid 1980s have been directed towards creating mass awareness and include research, the production of teaching materials, training and project development and we offer this work as a gift to our fellow humans whoever and wherever they may be." (more here)

Find out about the "Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change" and download it from here

Muslim Green Guide to Reducing Climate Change - download a copy from here.


The Inter Faith Network

Their website has information and resources to help you find opportunities and ways to develop better understanding between faiths, here.

Inter Faith Week 2019 will take place between Sunday 10 and Sunday 17 November.
Inter Faith Week has grown steadily ever since its launch in 2009. It is a fantastic opportunity for people of all faiths and beliefs to mix and learn; visit places of worship of your neighbours and find out why their faith matters to them;  get past stereotypes and misunderstandings and increase religious literacy; celebrate; dialogue; and volunteer together to help your local community. - All about it here

The August issue of IFN’s e-bulletin is now available at www.interfaith.org.uk/e-bulletin.

Specific ideas and resources for Inter Faith Week, here.


Islamic Relief

"We believe in working together to campaign and advocate on important issues that affects the lives of many in the UK and across the world. We are working on some of the most pressing issues facing the world today such as climate change, conflict, gender issues and more.

Current campaigns:





Oxfam invite you to find an action to:

'Stop The Cracks' and turn promises into action on Food and Climate change. See the video on YouTube here

Stop UK arms fuelling suffering in Yemen here

Stand as One with refugee families - and help refugees in the UK be reunited with their families here

Reduce the gap between rich and poor - you can find out about Oxfam's campaigns to tackle inequality and tax dodging here





people holdin messages

Act for our Future



Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Scotland has its own coalition which helped secure the Scottish Climate Change Act targets to reduce emissions by 42% by 2020.

SCCS are campaigning for an ambitious new climate law for Scotland -  more here

Visit their 100 Voices campaign here for testimonies from around the world from people affected by climate change urging Scotland to remain a global climate leader as the Government finalises their new Climate Change Bill.



 Stop Climate Chaos Wales

Wales has its own coalition - more about it here

Stop ISDS logo

OWW is one of a number of civil society groups supporting a campaign to Stop ISDS in UK trade policy. Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms allow foreign investors to sue national governments for any measures which harm their profits. This makes it harder for governments to regulate in the public interest and can cost the taxpayer millions. Developing countries are especially vulnerable as they pursue Sustainable Development Goals and legislate to improve their environment, employment rights and health of their people – any of which might harm foreign investors profits! Find out more about ISDS here.  Find out which organisations are part of the STOP ISDS coalition here.

This campaign is especially timely as the UK reassesses its trade and investment policy in the light of Brexit, but it is also supported by groups across Europe and internationally.  If you wish to support this campaign you can sign a petition addressed to the UK government here

logo of the Climate Coalition

The Climate Coalition

OWW is a member of The Climate Coalition (TCC)

The Climate Coalition invites you to join in 

the Mass Lobby of Parliament on 26 June 2019

to tell our politicians that the Time is Now if we are to end our contribution to climate change and protect our natural environment. 

How to join in - here.

You can download a guide to resources to help you participate effectively in the mass lobby here.

More about The Climate Coalition here;  you can access their members list here and see if there are any local groups in your area that you can work with or join in any event they are organising.


logo of TJM

Trade Justice Movement

OWW is a member of the Trade Justice Movement.

Click here for more information about their work

TJM has detailed discussion papers related to current trade issues: 

- latest briefing for the House of Lords on the Trade Bill - download from TJM here

- the implications of Brexit for trade and international development  here 

- an alternative vision for trade policy- here 

- trade policy designed to explicitly support the Sustainable Development Goals and the development goals of communities in the world’s poorest countries: here

In relation to Trade Policy you are invited to the following event:

'Women’s Rights and Trade after Brexit'. This will be on Wednesday 5 June from 1.30-2.30pm in Room C, 1 Parliament Street, House of Commons. 
The event is in partnership with ActionAid, who work on women's empowerment in developing countries. The Minister for Trade Policy, Shadow Trade Minister, an academic from Manchester University and a representative from the Global South will all be on the panel.

logo for Traidcraft Exchange



logo for Traidcraft Company and shop


Traidcraft campaigns  - news of them here

Current campaigns include: Trade and the opportunities Brexit offers to negotiate fair trade deals with developing countries that benefit everyone; lots of information and a report here.

Traidcraft exchange is also focusing on helping producers affected by the reorganisation Traidcraft plc. and raising funds urgently for this work - more here

Traidcraft products

If you want to order Traidcraft products for refreshments or a stall at your event go to the Traidcraftshop website here. Traidcraft plc will be undergoing a major reorganisation early in 2019 but you can still order products here.



people demonstrating with placards

UNITED for Intercultural Action

OWW is a member of this European Network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees. More about the Network here

Please note: United is in the process of updating the addresses of member organisations. They have not yet entered the current contact details for OWW that we have sent them.