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Take Action

Many of One World Week's partners and supporters run campaigns and activities relevant to the OWW theme.

You will find summaries and links below to actions you might wish to take or draw attention to at OWW events.

Action Aid

OWW's partners, Action Aid, campaigns against policies and practices that keep people poor. Find out about their tax dodging campaign here. Tax dodging means depriving governments of the funds to invest in better public services, thus driving people to migrate elsewhere to seek a better life.

Their campaign, "FEARLESS" addresses issues of violence against women - more here .

They do great teaching resources too!-on these and many more topics - more here

Cafod's latest campaign:

Share the Journey:

asks you to take action on the refugee crisis and show your support for people forced to flee their homes, by signing their petition asking the Prime Minister to ensure that the UK takes a lead during UN refugee negotiations. here

More ideas and resources to take action on the refugee crisis - here



Christian Aid

is offering opportunities to Act for Change:

- Displaced People

to call on the UK Government to ensure the UN negotiations include better protection for all displaced people, not just refugees but internally displaced people too. (A briefing paper is available here)

to take responsibility for climate change and make changes to protect the planet:


The banks are using our money to invest in fossil fuels - you could email your bank to ask them to help combat climate change by moving our money out of fossil fuels and to invest in renewables - more here;  watch a very clear film here

-The Big Shift Global

You can ask the World Bank to get all their money out of dirty fossil fuels and into affordable renewable energy to reach and benefit even the most vulnerable and remote communities. (more here) 

There are excellent resources: films, prayers etc. about actions we can take to stop climate change

Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Foundation is campaigning, alongside other partners, to make post BREXIT trade deals work for developing countries.

"EU measures currently mean many farmers from the poorest countries do not have to pay tax to import their produce into the UK. If equivalent ones aren’t put in place by our government, the moment we leave these farmers could face a £1 billion import tax bill."

They want you to Email your MP now and educate them on what’s at stake. This could be the moment the UK changes to trading in a way that delivers a fair deal for everyone.


Global Education Week

One World Week is the UK representative of The Council of Europe’s Global Education Week


The 2018 week is from 19-25 November. The theme for 2018 is “The world is changing - How about us?"

More here




Global Justice Now

Global Justice Now runs significant campaigns which relate to how we can help bring about change in the world. Their briefing papers offer insights and analysis into the injustice of systems that cause poverty and suffering and what changes are needed for a better world to become possible.

More on their campaigns here

Opportunities for actions we can take now are detailed here:

- "Call for trade democracy now"

- "Stop the UK's secretive fund for overseas security forces"

- "Join the fight for affordable medicines"

- "pledge to march against Trump's visit".

- "Call for an inquiry into press racism"

-"Pledge to boycott the Daily Mail"

Their National Gathering (Sat. p.m. on 16 June in York) this year is about "The World We Want: paths beyond neoliberalism" - Speakers will talk about what a world with more equality, solidarity and environmental sustainability could look like and how we start to build it. This echoes our OWW theme about change so likely to furnish useful ideas we might take up in OWW. More, and booking form, here.

The Inter Faith Network

Inter Faith Week 2018 will take place from 11 to 18 November 2018

 All about it here

Excellent resources to help you get involved and find opportunities to develop better understanding between faiths. here



Islamic Relief

"We believe in working together to campaign and advocate on important issues that affects the lives of many in the UK and across the world. We are working on some of the most pressing issues facing the world today such as climate change, conflict, gender issues and more. To join our campaigning activities and to stay updated please email Maiya Rahman.

Visit their website here



MADE has some great inititiatives for young people to get involved in multifaith Good Neighbour- type activities - here

Global education resources for Muslim Schools and youth actions available - here




Oxfam invite you to find an action to:

Stop UK arms fuelling suffering in Yemen here

Stand as One with refugee families - and help refugees in the UK be reunited with their families here

Reduce the gap between rich and poor - you can find out about Oxfam's campaigns to tackle inequality and tax dodging here


Take Oxfam's quiz about Inequality here

Take Oxfam's quiz about Refugees - here

people holdin messages

Act for our Future

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Scotland has its own coalition which helped secure the Scottish Climate Change Act targets to reduce emissions by 42% by 2020.

Visit their 100 Voices campaign here for testimonies from around the world from people affected by climate change urging Scotland to remain a global climate leader as the Government finalises their new Climate Change Bill.

SCCS are running Campaign Workshops to share knowledge and plan action for our future. More here.

Other news here

 Stop Climate Chaos Wales

Wales has its own coalition - more about it here

tiny green heart

The Climate Coalition

OWW is a member of The Climate Coalition

More about The Climate Coalition here

Watch The Climate Coalition's wrap up video of sharing the love on Valentines day, 2018 here

Further actions planned for the summer



Think Global

Think Global offers ideas and resources for teachers to use in schools and colleges

Courses and resources for teachers - here

New resource about migration - here

Resources about Sustainable Development Goals - here

Help make the case for global learning - here

Trade Justice Movement

OWW is a member of the Trade Justice Movement.

Click here for more information about their work

TJM has detailed discussion papers related to current trade issues: 

- latest briefing for the House of Lords on the Trade Bill - download from TJM here

- the implications of Brexit for trade and international development  here 

- an alternative vision for trade policy- here 

- trade policy designed to explicitly support the Sustainable Development Goals and the development goals of communities in the world’s poorest countries: here



Traidcraft campaigns  - news of them here

Current campaigns include: Trade and the opportunities Brexit offers to negotiate fair trade deals with developing countries that benefit everyone; lots of information and a report here

Traidcraft products

If you want to order Traidcraft products for refreshments or a stall at your event go to the Traidcraftshop website here.






people demonstrating with placards

UNITED for Intercultural Action

OWW is a member of this European Network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees. More about the Network here

Please note: United is in the process of updating the addresses of member organisations. They have not yet entered the current contact details for OWW that we have sent them.

Diversity – Never enough! European Action Week Against Racism 2018 more about it and how you can take action here

includes 5 suggested activities that civil society organisations are encouraged to organise to mark the action week: