Hello, we have recently updated our website and have archived the previous version. The documents and downloads from the previous site are still available. If you cannot find a specific document, please contact oww@oneworldweek.org


This page seeks to answer basic questions about putting on a OWW event; for more detailed advice, please visit the DOING OWW page. To see what events are happening and when, please go to the CALENDAR page. Visit the MAP page to see where events are taking place. We encourage all event organisers to put their events, however large or small, on the website. To submit details of your own local event to appear on the calendar and map, please use the form on the SUBMIT AN EVENT page.

What is a OWW Event?

The aim of OWW is to bring people and organisations together to raise awareness about global issues of justice, poverty and inequality. Events take place locally all over Britain and in many countries around the world.


Most happen during One World Week, which includes United Nations Day on 24 October, giving everyone a feeling of joint endeavour and building a movement. But you can celebrate it when it suits you and your community.

Who Takes Part?

Local community groups, religious and voluntary organisations, inter-faith groups, environmentalists, human rights and peace groups, youth groups, schools, universities and campaigners or local branches of national organisations create events which are accessible, yet challenging, to all in their community.

You can either tailor a regular meeting of your own organisation to focus on One World Week or collaborate with others. ( more here)


Any local event you’d like to organise, with reference to OWW's vision and aims, which reflects this year’s theme. This could be an inspiring talk, quiz, debate, film, fair trade fete or coffee morning, walk, global/local meal, vigil, act of worship, arts performance, school assembly or project, inter–faith activity … Whatever - it’s up to your community!

The Theme

Every year OWW sets a theme around a global justice issue, along with a selection of resources and links to related actions initiated by our partners, to give our event organisers focus and material to enrich their OWW events. Our themes are broad to encourage our volunteers to come up with their own interpretations and angle relevant to their communities. For more about this year’s theme visit the Theme page


While OWW events are first and foremost about raising awareness, many do raise money for the charities of, for example, their guest speaker.  OWW also needs funds, to continue the work it's doing (such as running this website!) so, if your event does raise money, please consider sending some of it to OWW.