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Advice and suggestions about setting up a OWW group and putting on a local event, on multicultural and on inter faith engagement; becoming a Fairtrade place of worship and Global Community Linking Programmes. Includes case studies. 

"Just a moment" - a meditation - for Good Neighbours

Author: Christian Concern for One World | Date Published: 23/10/2017

 A meditation to raise our awareness of our global neighbours and why our shopping choices matter. 

This is included in the Service for Good Neighbours with a focus on Fairtrade (word doc. version - not PowerPoint version). It's available here to download  and is presented, two to a page, to be printed and divided for use as a Hand Out  - for services - or at other, secular, events.

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Tags: meditation, Good Neighbours, Fairtrade, thoughtful shopping, faith, global neighbours

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