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For the most up-to-date resources visit:

Global Dimension, the website for teachers run by 'Reboot the Future' -

The Welsh Centre for International Affairs - global learning centre ( )


Global Education Week (GEW) ( ) GEW coordinates activities throughout Europe - Global Dimension and WCIA are the UK representatives. You can find out what has been happening on their website, for example: in Ireland:

One World Week Ireland (part of the National Youth Council of Ireland) -




Resources for teaching about Climate Change in preparation for the COP 26

Author: OWW | Date Published: 09/04/2021

This collection of resources for teaching about climate change builds on the 2020 edition by including several exciting new programmes for teachers to use. It also offers support for teachers to help them to deliver the high quality interactive education that students are asking for to equip them to face a challenging future.

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Tags: teaching. climate change, COP26, resources, greening the school, children's voices, Teach the Future ;


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