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The World is Changing - How About Us

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OWW 2018 Newsletter

The new leaflet for 2018 is published! We are delighted with the design which has excited lots of positive comments already. A big thank you to Webber Design. Check out the detail here.

The website Resources (Publicity) page has a library including colour and black and white versions of the leaflet and its various elements (titles, logo, quote, illustration) for you to download to print and use in making your own local leaflets, flyers and posters. If you use the illustration, please credit Webber Design (

If you would like some printed copies (50+) of the leaflet for local use, please contact Ingrid.

Putting on a local event

New to OWW?  Or want to take a fresh approach?

There are lots of tips about putting on a OWW event on the website. See the EVENTS page here and the DOING OWW page here.

Using the Theme in local events

We have lots of ideas, as you, no doubt, have too, about how to introduce ideas about change into events. Events need to inspire people with hope that by making changes and acting now they will be part of a wider movement. They can play their part in helping safeguard our planet and make it possible for everyone to enjoy fulfilling lives into the future. We shall share ideas with you shortly. Meanwhile please send us YOUR IDEAS and we can include them in suggestions to help other organisers.

Ideas and information about the Theme

The theme page on the website outlines the concerns behind the theme and you can find more information and a development of some of the key ideas in this short downloadable summary: “Our Changing World: Sources of information about some key ideas and facts”.

Scroll down though the Theme and Guidelines Library to find it.

Put your events on the website

Please put your plans for events up on the website — that will give you publicity, inspire others and enable us to know what is happening. No matter how small or routine, every event can contribute to raising awareness of issues that matter to us all and be part of a movement for change. Let’s cover the map on the website in 2018! - see the map here.

To put your event on the website, please complete the form.

Speak Up

OWW is a member of The Climate Coalition (TCC) which has its SPEAK UP! Week (30 June – 8 July) about climate change.

This is highly relevant to OWW’s “Our World is Changing” theme this year. So how about getting involved with a TCC summer event together with local interest groups sharing their concerns about climate change? Excellent resources and ideas to help you organise an event are available here. You can also see if there’s an event near you.

This would be a great opportunity to prepare for OWW by engaging with new audiences and following up later by involving them in OWW.

More about The Climate Coalition; you can access their members list and see if there are any with local groups in your area that you can work with or join in any event they are organising

The website

It was new last year – we would like to know how you are getting on with it. Can you find easily what you need? We are still planning to add more pictures to illustrate the issues and how we tackle them through our events. We still need your photos from last year’s activities, please, – anything that you think would be appropriate. Please contact us.

If you have any issues at all using the website, please contact us.

Trustees and Volunteers

We are still looking for additional new trustees, so – please think about whether you or someone you know could join our small friendly Board. To find out more about what is involved, please look at our Trustee Recruitment Pack.

We are also looking for help with resources for this year’s theme. Can you suggest:

  • useful links and resources;
  • ideas for campaigns we could link to;
  • stories of change;
  • statistics and charts as evidence of change;
  • striking quotations and illustrations?

Perhaps you could help with producing activity ideas, such as word searches and pledges? Or put together a service outline for worship resources? (Like one local organising group shared with us all last year.)

Please forward any ideas to us here.


Finally, as ever, any donations are really welcome - A big THANK YOU to those who have already sent in funds raised as a result of OWW events. OWW's continuation depends increasingly on donations from events and supporters.

Please Donate here.

With our good wishes for your 2018 planning from the OWW team,

Alison, Aneta, Ingrid, Jonaid, Roger, Sarah and Sue

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