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One World Week is Changing

After careful consideration, the Trustees have decided to close One World Week (the Charity) by the end of the financial year in March 2023, and to take all requisite actions to that end.

Future One World Weeks

In future, from 2023, OWW in the UK will officially be celebrated at the same time as the European Global Education Week, in mid November.

However, during 2022, the transition year, you can continue to celebrate OWW on its traditional dates between 23 and 30 October, or during Global Education Week: 14 – 20 November, 2022.

This does not, as ever, preclude local groups and initiatives from organising One World Week events whenever suits them best, at any time of the year.

We shall continue to offer existing relevant resources and guidance on the OWW website, with links to other organisations sharing our values.

With regard to OWW’s role as UK National Co-ordinator with the Global Education Network of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, we are excited to be handing over that role to two outstanding and enthusiastic organisations:

The OWW journey

The original purpose of OWW was to raise awareness of global issues amongst the Churches and general public. Since the initiation of OWW in the 1970s, much has been achieved:

  • thousands of OWW events have been held in local areas throughout the UK and around the world;
  • our original funders have developed their own education and activity programmes;
  • numerous organisations have arisen to raise awareness and address global issues from climate change to international debt, Fairtrade to refugee issues, promoting interfaith harmony and embracing diversity. They raise awareness amongst a wide audience and provide resources and opportunities for action nationally and locally.

While funding switched to more specialist organisations, OWW organisers, who often involved these organisations in their annual events, have switched their attention to campaigning with them on a year-round basis. Hence our need to move forward differently as an organisation.

Standing Orders

On a practical note, as we wind down our finances, we ask all those who have been generously sending us Standing Order donations, supporting our work over the years, to please cancel these as soon as possible. It will assist us if you can send us an email, to confirm this has been done, to

Moving Forward

We pay tribute to and thank all those individuals and organisations who have brought us this far in our awareness-raising mission and who continue to hold local OWW events.

We encourage you to continue working with other organisations to share perspectives, choosing your own themes annually from the range of related issues and building the movement for a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

If you wish to receive updates about ideas and resources, please go to Global Dimension or WCIA and register for their newsletter service.

With our good wishes for the future,

Ingrid, Jonaid, Sarah, Sue

The One World Week Trustees

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