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OWW Newsletter October 2017


October is here - time for One World Week

Now that the month of October has arrived, people are focussing on their impending One World Week events under this year’s theme of

"Good Neighbours - My World Depends On Us"



Already, events are being submitted onto the OWW calendar and map via the website They include a school assembly in Norwich, a film in Woking, the Wales Fair Trade Fayre in Brecon and Abergavenny, multicultural fairs in Aberystwyth and Mere, church services in Cheshire, Cornwall, Milton Keynes and Hampshire, exhibitions in Truro Cathedral and Gosport, global family celebrations in Portsmouth and a student event in Macclesfield.

However, we are aware that far more events are being planned than have been submitted. Which is why, if you know of one happening near you, please ask the organisers to get in touch so we can have an accurate picture of the breadth of activity in solidarity with the vulnerable world-wide.


The official week is 22 – 29 October, but you can organise your event whenever it suits you and your community. And you do not have to do it alone, as we have links to many ideas and resources on our new website:


If you are a teacher or youth worker, you might already be familiar with the Global Dimension website or the World’s Largest Lesson or ways to introduce the Sustainable Development Goals. If not, there are links here to resources for working with young people.


Consider using prayers from this year’s Week of Prayer for World Peace that leads into OWW. They might also be relevant for school assemblies or interfaith events. Ideas for church services are also in the OWW faith resources.


Many use their regular October meeting to embrace OWW. This year, you might spend a bit of time discussing or taking action on what being a good neighbour means? There are many ideas in the Guidelines ‘Some suggestions and resources for interpreting the 2017 Theme’ – Download from the Theme and Guidelines Resources Library.

Check out the OWW website at, and those of our supporter organisations for links to simple ideas for talks, quizzes, debates, meals, performances and so on


Whatever you decide to do, or whichever event you hunt out and attend,
it is vital you let us all know!
It is hard to act in solidarity with others if it is in secret!


You can download our PUBLICITY MATERIALS here, including a kit to make your own leaflets or posters. We do still have some printed leaflets available as well. Just send an email to

Increase the reach and impact of the ideas at the heart of your event by issuing a PRESS RELEASE for local press, TV and Radio and using social media.

FINALLY, don’t forget the annual vital pleas (“vital” because, in order to keep OWW effective, we need evidence to demonstrate that events really are happening all over the country!):

  • Register your event on the website (there is a simple template to complete and send to Alison -

  • Get some feedback during your event (we have simple forms you can use, where feasible), as this could help your evaluation that we will greatly appreciate afterwards. Find them here:

  • Donations – one-off collections are most welcome, but also vital are regular contributions, however small, as together they mount up, giving us the stability we need to plan ahead, keep our website alive and build for a positive future together.

We look forward to hearing how you have enjoyed interpreting “Good Neighbours” relevant to your own community and in solidarity with the vulnerable world-wide.


From the OWW team:

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