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OWW Newsletter March 2021 - Act Now for Our Children's World

PLANNING FOR OWW - preparing for the UN Climate Summit in November

OWW Newsletter Header Title - Act Now for Our Children's World

Dear Friends,

We hope you are well and have been enjoying an active life on line!

One World Week occurs in October 17 – 24th just before the COP26 United Nations Climate Summit takes place in Glasgow in November 2021.

This will be a crucial moment to follow up the Paris Agreement with nations gathering to share their implementation plans to stop climate change – and thus ensure a future for our children. So this is an opportunity to inform people about the COP and rally support for realistic ( = very ambitious! ) actions; and what they can do to make a difference. (more from our website here…)

So we have chosen for our theme this year: Act Now for Our Children’s World

OWW 2020 We know about some of the exciting things you managed online last year but we’re sure there were more that you haven’t told us about. It’s not too late to tell us. We hope that for 2021 we’ll be able to see live events again but there are great examples of online events to inspire you.

For instance, the recent Fairtrade Fortnight Festival was an inspirational example of how to engage people around the world with each other and the issues we care about. You can watch recordings of events here:

OWW is planning an Inspirational Training Event for OWW local organisers – online, in the early summer – more about that later but, if you would be interested in attending, please contact us so we can keep you informed about dates, etc.

Don’t Wait for the Week!

Lots of organisations, including our partners and others, are engaging with issues to rebuild a better world post Covid: fairer, greener, healthier. This feels like a pivotal moment. Please visit the “Take Action” page of our website for ideas from these organisations about actions you can take NOW.

If you are working with schools, in particular, Global Dimension, now run by Reboot the Future, has many relevant educational resources. Find links to Global Dimension and other sources in our Resources for Young People


There is a lot we can do! If you are aware of events related to our theme, which might inspire and inform us, please submit details on the events page of the website to go on the OWW calendar – they need not be in One World Week but at any time. They will also be welcome on our Facebook page (One World Week UK).

ResourcesOWW 2021 Poster

Publicity - We have revamped the poster for 2021 and the various elements (illustration (see above), headings and dates) are available for you to make your own notices and leaflets etc, including some for use on Facebook.

Ideas and Activities - Keep checking our website theme page for news of new resources to inspire and use at your particular event.

Ideas for Activities in OWW

Online events work really well. Zoom enables you to invite speakers from around the world, show pictures or videos, organise a quiz or survey, worship together, have a virtual coffee morning or wine and cheese party and you can collect ideas and comments from people who join.

Keep checking our website theme page for news of new resources to inspire and use at your particular event.

Please share with us your ideas and your plans for activities virtual or otherwise

Email us your ideas at
Use Facebook One World Week UK
Enter your plans on the Website at to publicise them and inspire others.

With our best wishes for seizing the special opportunities that COP 26 is bringing to OWW this year, from the OWW team,

Alison, Aneta, Ingrid, Jonaid, Sarah and Sue

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