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OWW newsletter header title - Climate Changes Everything - Now is the time to act

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We are building on last year's theme so, inspired by the 16-year-old schoolgirl climate activist, Greta Thunberg, we shall be focussing on the urgency for action.  Much has been happening in the media, on the streets and in Parliament to increase attention to this urgency. 

In October, OWW can keep the urgency alive and, equally important, can be inclusive and seek to bring everyone on board.  Our OWW groups and events need to find ways of engaging with minority groups, people of various faiths and those who do not normally get involved with global issues. 

We need to explain how the crises of climate change, species extinction, plastic waste and pollution are all interrelated with our economic system and what we consume in our daily lives.  It is vital to stress that solutions are available if we adopt them now, before it is too late, showing people which actions they can take to offer hope for a future for their children.


The leafet:  Download a printable version from the Publicity Resource Library

One World Week printed newsletter 2019. Thumbnail image.

The new leaflet for 2019 is published!  Last year’s design has been updated showing increased activity in the illustration!  This offers a great discussion starter.  There is also a graphic outlining the likely impacts of climate change, available in an A4 version to download from the resources library (check out the detail here).  A big thank you to Webber Design. 

The website Resources (Publicity) page has a library including colour and black and white versions of the leaflet and its various elements (titles, logo, quote, illustration, the graphic about projected impacts of climate change) for you to download to print and use in making your own local leaflets, flyers, posters and resources.  If you use the illustration, please credit

If you would like some printed copies (50+) of the leaflet for local use, please contact Ingrid

The Theme – ideas for interpretation and for events:

  • You can find an introduction to the theme on the website – Theme Page
  • “Theme Guidelines” offers more depth into the background; videos to inspire; updates on responses; links to the websites of relevant organisations, including helpful tips from Climate Outreach for communicating climate change to hard-to-reach audiences (choice of language, images, stories that relate to their key values) and ideas for events and activities.  See resources page.
  • Activities  - We will be adding films, quotations, a quiz to the Activities Resources for 2019 in due course. 
  • Worship Resources – these are pending and will appear on the website in due course.
  • 2018 Resources – Many of these would be relevant for this year’s events.  e.g.  the short drama about Mother Earth’s visit to the doctor is a fun and accessible way of introducing the idea that our planet is in trouble – find an updated version for 2019 here  or use the search facility on the website.


Mass Lobby of Parliament on 26 June 2019

the time is now logoThis is being organised by The Climate Coalition of which OWW is a member. 

If you haven’t already organised to go, do give some thought to doing so.  As you’ll see from our Take Action page on the website, many of the organisations we work with are mobilising their supporters to make this the biggest mass lobby ever.  It needs to be – to demonstrate public support for urgent government action to tackle the causes of climate change. Visit The Climate Coalition website for everything you need to know about joining the lobby.


Follow us on Facebook for updates (several time a week!) on events, ideas and the latest resources.

News of what the organisations we work with are doing can be found on the OWW website page ‘TAKE ACTION’


Please put your plans for events up on the website that will give you publicity, inspire others and enable us all to know what is happening.  No matter how small or routine, EVERY EVENT can contribute to raising awareness of issues that matter to us all.  Our collective solidarity is an important part of this movement for change.  Let’s cover the map on the website in 2019! 
See the map here

To put your event on the website, please complete the short form - here.


We would welcome additional new trustees, so – please think about whether you or someone you know could join our small friendly Board.  To find out more about what is involved, please look at our Trustee Recruitment Pack here.

We are also looking for volunteer help with resources for this year’s theme.  Can you suggest:

  • useful links and resources;
  • a short film which explains the causes of climate change clearly and succinctly.
  • stories of successful CO2 reduction;
  • stories of people/communities experiencing climate change.
  • striking quotations and illustrations?

Perhaps you could help with producing activity ideas, such as word searches and pledges?

Please forward any ideas to us here


Finally, as ever, any donations are really welcome – A big THANK YOU to those who have sent in donations.  OWW’s continuation depends increasingly on donations from events and supporters.

With excitement and appreciation from the OWW team:

Alison, Aneta, Ingrid, Jonaid, Roger, Sarah and Sue

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