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A One World Week event for your local group?

Consider inserting a OWW event into the regular calendar of a group or organisation you belong to locally.

Acknowledge OWW in your school assembly, church service, or invite a relevant speaker to your friendship group.

This is often the simplest OWW event to organise as the infrastructure and captive audience are already in place. It also has the advantage of reaching people who may not have considered beforehand the issues being raised, since they have not necessarily come because it is a OWW event, but because they are regular attenders at this group.

However, this event does need to be planned with the target audience in mind, with relevant and engaging activities and speakers. Check out the Resources pages for inspiration.

Examples of such events might be:

  • School assembly – some supporter organisations produce assemblies or PowerPoints on the OWW / Global Education Week (GEW) theme that can be easily adapted to the age group, or you could invite in a speaker.
  • Book Club – Choose a book that includes issues that relate to the OWW theme, or set in a different culture, for your monthly meeting in November to coincide with Global Education Week.
  • Invite a Fair Trade organisation to have a stall and talk for a few minutes at your regular gathering (Lunch Club, Tea Dance, Toddler Group, etc)
  • Regular Religious Gatherings – use the OWW / GEW Theme Guidelines to raise relevant issues related to your faith teachings (in Mosque Sermons, Shabbat, Hindu, Sikh Services, etc)
  • Church Service – check out the various Worship Anthologies (Faith -based Resources) to select readings, prayers or ideas for a complete service
  • Scout, Guide or youth club theme night based on a OWW/Global Education Week theme.
  • Invite a speaker to your regular friendship, community or campaign group: women’s group, men’s group, alumni, diaspora, mental health, college organisation, U3A etc.
  • Quiz night - many community groups hold regular or occasional quiz nights - you could offer them a round of questions on issues relating to your OWW theme.