One World Week closed in September 2023. All user data has been deleted as per GDPR guidelines.

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Who's Who?

OWW’s Patron from 2006

The Revd the Lord Griffiths of Pembrey and Burry Port

Leslie GriffithsLeslie Griffiths has 50 years experience in development issues: in Haiti, where he lived from 1970-80, he worked in education and led initiatives in: community development, the provision of basic needs, reforestation and spiritual development; later work took him to countries throughout Africa. Currently he is Vice-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cambodia in the House of Lords. He has wide experience in education at all levels and involvement in many social projects in the UK. He is known to many as a regular columnist for the Methodist Recorder, a contributor to Thought for the Day and for the inspiring international and culturally inclusive services broadcast from Wesley’s Chapel.


The Revd the Lord Griffiths of Pembrey and Burry Port's message to OWW: 

“It was a pleasure almost beyond words to be invited to offer my support since I’ve been a beneficiary of One World Week since it began its operations almost forty years ago. It has stimulated my thinking, provided me with materials and ideas, and offered wonderfully open approaches to world development issues which ecumenical and mixed groups could join together to enjoy.”


The following Trustees and Volunteers guided and served One World Week from 2006 - 2023


Ingrid Wilson, MBE

 was a Trustee and the Treasurer

Ingrid WilsonWith experience as a teacher in Sierra Leone and Wales, Ingrid now runs the consultancy IDEAS (Intercultural Development Education & Arts Services) alongside many multicultural community activities.




Jonaid Jilani

was a Trustee

Jonaid Jilani

Jonaid Jilani works as Media Manager for Islamic Relief UK.

Before joining Islamic Relief UK in 2019, Jonaid worked for World Animal Protection, Said Business School, Oxfam and Muslim Aid. He also has a background in film and video production and has worked extensively with ethnic TV channels in the UK, travelling around the world to document issues of poverty and development.




Sarah Hirom

was a Trustee 

Sarah HiromInvolved with OWW since 1978, Sarah oversaw the Website, and has been involved in local OWW initiatives in S.E. Hampshire.  She was a University Lecturer (Geography and Development Studies) in Ghana and England; she has travelled widely in Africa and been regularly reinspired by Traidcraft's "Meet the people Visits" to Cuba, South India, South Africa and Chile. She has also been a Trustee of Global Justice Now. She is still Co-ordinator of her local Fairtrade Group and involved with her local Friends of the Earth Group in liaising with local community groups to tackle climate change. 



Sue James

was a Trustee

After teaching mainly History in London and for 3 years in Nigeria, Sue retrained as a careers adviser and has worked mainly in the Portsmouth area ever since. She has been involved with One World Week from the start. Sue helped maintain OWW's Facebook page. She also chairs the local Fairtrade and Global Justice groups as well as being involved with environmental campaigning.



Aneta Baran

was OWW's Bookkeeper

Aneta BaranAneta has been involved as a volunteer with several local community organistions and charities including the Citizens Advice Bureau. Her education in finance and experience of volunteering enabled her to become the bookkeeper for a local community centre where she met Ingrid. She was OWW's bookkeeper. 



Roger Miller


Roger MillerRoger was a VSO teacher in Ghana, worked in business delelopment in Tanzania, and in marketing for various companies in the UK. He has a lifetime of commitment to the Scouting Movement. He has been involved with OWW locally and through his role as Secretary to the Global Justice Now Trust.

He acted as Secretary to the OWW Working Group, liaising with partners and supporting organisations.



Alison White


Alison WhiteAlison taught for many years in a Sixth Form College and then worked for twelve years as an Educational Technologist in the Faculty of Technology at the University of Portsmouth. She participated in OWW events in Portsmouth over numerous years

Her roll in OWW was to enter events onto the website calendar.