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Welcome to our discussion pages.  Here you will find past and present resources that you can use as part of a talk, a debate, a conference, a workshop or a meeting to plan events that would be appropriate for the 2014 theme:



Breaking chains – making change!

“Living Differently” is the theme for One World Week 2014. It leads on from last year's theme about consumption.

It recognises that we need to make changes now to secure a fairer, more satisfying, life for us all and one that protects the planet's resources for future generations.

 Our subtitle “Breaking chains - making change” is inspired by Nelson Mandela’s words:

“... to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live

in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”.

This year, OWW invites YOU to organise or support activities and events in local communities that promote and involve active citizenship through:

  • Using money differently (ideas and information links below) 
  • Sourcing food differently
  • Reducing wastefulness

 These simple steps can help to break the chains of the current money markets, food supply systems and consumer habits that damage the environment and communities worldwide. In One World Week, explore examples of how communities here and around the world are choosing to live differently. Together we can make the change.

A good way to stimulate thinking and planning for your OWW events would be to watch this video

link to Story of SolutionsThe Story of Solutions.  (find it here)

This is the latest from 'The Story of Stuff'.  "This was released in October 2013,and explores how we can move our economy in a more sustainable and just direction, starting with orienting ourselves toward a new goal. In the current ‘Game of More’, we’re told to cheer a growing economy – more roads, more shopping centres, more Stuff! – even though our health indicators are worsening, income inequality is growing and polar icecaps are melting. But what if we changed the point of the game? What if the goal of our economy wasn’t more, but better – better health, better jobs and a better chance to survive on the planet? Shouldn’t that be what winning means?"

Some of you may have used their earlier videos in last year's OWW. If not, see the links below to 'The Story of Stuff' and 'The Story of Change'  The latter (6 minutes) would go well with the 'Story of Solutions' (9 minutes).  If you want some specific examples of what needs to change try "The Story of Electronics" (here)

You could use one or two of the videos as part of an event or a discussion starter.

A collection of Videos for Living differently for use in meetings or just to watch at home

Includes some of last year's favorites but updated with new ones for "Living differently" Down load the word Doc. here

Using Money Ethically to make the change we seek

There are lots of ideas and resources (including worship resources - see Faith resources page) available as it is Good Money Week at the same time as OWW this year.

The Portsmouth Group has compiled a list of useful links on this subject for their event 'Cash with a Conscience' and they are happy to share it. It includes websites which can offer ideas, speakers, and various resources  

Download an A4(word .doc) here  or A5 (word .doc) Hand Out version here


 Quotations for 'Living Differently'

    Includes quotations about 'Living Differently' in general, plus specific sections on each of the elements of the theme: food, wastefulness and using money ethically.

You can use them to start discussions; as stimuli for meditation; to give people something to think and talk about while waiting for their OWW meal; include one in a press release ....

     download here




Previous Years' Resources  

(Many remain relevant for the 2014 Theme)



We compiled a set of quotations to stimulate discussion about the culture of consumerism and how it affects our relationships with our world, with nature, and each other.  There was also a section relating to the quote "Aspire not to have more but to be more" which explored what it means to "be more".  Download them here 


Reviewing the IF Campaign - Was ENOUGH done to end hunger?

Evaluations of progress made on key isues at the G8 can be found on our partners websites (see OWW home page).

We shall also compile critiques and evaluations from other partners and organisations in the UK Food Group and ideas about what might be done next. The UK Food Group already has a collection of articles with a critique of the "G8 New Alliance on Food Security and Nutrition"from  Food Sovereignty Now (here) with ideas you could use in an event in OWWeek.


Exploring 'More than Enough?' consumption.


Down load a list of other short on-line videos on various aspects of 'More Than Enough?' (word doc.64KB) here; or (word.docx 51KB) here; or (PDF291KB) here.

Stuff logo

The video, "The Story of Stuff" (20 mins) is an entertaining cartoon which explains, in an easily understandable way, the extraction, production, consumption and waste systems that are depleting the world's resources.

         Watch it here


more citizen muscles neededThe Story of Change (6 mins)     follows up with ideas for action and some really good ideas about how to BE more.

         Watch it here




A collection of quotes, some about consumerism and some about what it might mean to BE more - includes suggestions about how you can use them to stimulate thinking, as eyecatching publicity or to start a discussion.

Download the collection here (Word.doc)

You can select, enlarge and print. Put up around the room of your event or on tables for your OWW meal 

Team up with Pledges to encourage people to move from thought to action


If you use any of these to stimulate a discussion you might like to round off with asking people to make pledges. Pledges related to the 'More than Enough' theme are available here in the activities section.




Sharing Destiny - Moving Towards One World

theme symbol of multicoloured hands caressing the globe with heading

  A collection of quotes about Sharing Destiny - includes suggestions about how you can use them to stimulate thinking, as eyecatching publicity or to start a discussion.  

Download the collection here (Word.doc)

You can select, enlarge, recolour and print. Put up around the room of your event or on tables for your OWW meal 

Team up with Pledges to encourage people to move from thought to action


Powerpoint Presentations for Discussions

title page of PowerPointPlanning your events for Living for One World 2011

is designed to help you explore the theme with your organising committee; it offers ideas about what you might include in your event and links to resources and other organistions that you could work with.

Presentation at event on Living for One World 2011

contains much of the same material but it is ready to use as a presentation at your event. It would make an excellent discussion starter and contains information and ideas for action.

Which of the Powerpoints in the table below should I download? Please use the table below to find the necessary file.

In order to view the video clips on certain slides, you will need an internet connection. If this is not possible, please choose the 'No Internet required' version, which does not contain video clips though it does have links to help you find them.)

The PPT files are large so may take a few minutes to download.

The PPTX files are much smaller. There are difficulties using them with the Internet Explorer search engine, but it's fine with Firefox and others.

Planning your events for Living for One World 2011

Presentation at event on Living for One World 2011

File type: PPT

File type: PPT

Internet required

Click here to download

No Internet required

Click here to download

Internet required

Click here to download

No Internet required

Click here to download

File type: PPTX

File type: PPTX

Internet required

Click here to download

No Internet required

Click here to download

Internet required

Click here to download

No Internet required

Click here to download

More new resources for Living for One World

Further resources to stimulate discussion now available include:

Archive of discussion resources about Peace



A Guide To Exploring the Theme, 'Peacing together One World - PowerPoint 1997 23.8MB

This PowerPoint presentation looks at the meaning behind peace, and creating a culture of peace for our children.  It provides information, questions for discussion and brainstorming opportunities.  Use it as part of a OWW event about peace, or during the planning process.  It is divided into sections, so you can use all or part of the resource.  The topics covered are:

- Introduction

- The United Nations Decade of Peace

- A culture of peace – What is it, how do we create it?

- The concept of peace and justice

- Peace and faith

- Creating peace for our children

- Brainstorming – Inner, communal and global peace

- What does peace mean to you?

- Take action to create a culture of peace

- Deciding on your event


Click here for guidance on how to download and use a PowerPoint Presentation


Peace Symbols discussion pack

Learn about widely recognised peace symbols and then follow our questions and tasks to have a lively and interactive discussion concerning the power of symbols in society.

There is also a facilitator’s version of the questions, which contains additional information and prompts that can be used as starting points if discussion is limited.

Download peace symbols information - Word 1997 603KB

Download discussion questions - Word 1997 59KB

Download facilitators prompts - Word 1997 61.5KB

Click here for more activities to do with peace symbols

Peace Pledges

Be aware of your power to make a difference.  Remember, peace is not just an absence of war; it is also environmental stability, economic and social justice, and understanding.

Use the information provided in this resource to discuss how even small actions can have a significant, and sometimes far-reaching, effect on establishing peace.

There are also a number of suggestions of other activities for peace pledges.

United Nations Decade of a Culture of Peace for our Children - Word 1997 291KB

This UN initiative, which finishes this year, has inspired One World Week’s theme for 2010, 'Peacing Together One World - Creating A Culture Of Peace For Our Children'.  Download a summary of the aims and progress of the decade here.

One World Week has chosen to focus on 3 points: Promoting sustainable economic and social development, promoting respect for all human rights, and advancing understanding, tolerance and solidarity.

These points are in line with our aims and vision.  OWW has also developed a PowerPoint presentation entitled ‘A guide to dissecting this year’s theme’ which looks at the decade and how to create a culture of peace for our children.  Find it at the top of this page.


Peace Quotes - PowerPoint 1997 40.3MB

This PowerPoint presentation offers a variety of quotes about peace and justice.  Phrases have been selected from religious scriptures, recognised holy figures, and well known establishments and people who have an opinion on peace and justice.

Use this resource as a starting point for discussion on multifaith and secular approaches to peace, as a rolling background during an event, or even mix all the quotes up and try to work out which category or faith perspective they are from.

The presentation is divided into sections so that you can use all or part of the resource, and it  features;

- Peace through education, understanding and learning

- Peace as more than an absence of war

- Peace of deed

- Peace through faith

- Peace through equality

- Peace of mind


Fairtrade and Peace

Fairtrade in Conflict Zones - PowerPoint 1997 4.6MB

This PowerPoint presentation explores the role that Fairtrade plays in areas affected by violence. The presentation looks at the ways in which Fairtrade helps people living in conflict zones and the contribution economic development makes towards resolving conflict and restoring peace.

Produced jointly by the Fairtrade Foundation and One World Week.

Story to inspire: Delicious Peace, Uganda

Villagers in Uganda grew coffee but despaired of the low prices they received for all their hard work.  The villagers included Jews, Muslims, and Christians who tolerated each other but were not close.  In 2003 they came together to form a co-operative; they have been working together ever since to improve their coffee production and their lives.

© Thanksgiving Coffee Company 2009

See below for more stories to inspire


Peace and the Environment

Seeking Peace with the Planet

Order of Service for OWW 2010

This is an adaptation of the service written for OWW 2007, by Jo Rathbone, of Eco-Congregation, with additional materials and suggestions from OWW to make it appropriate for the 2010 theme.

A new version of this service especially revised and adapted for the "Living for One World", 2011 theme is available to download from the Faith Resources page

For more information on environmental issues relevant to 'Living for One World' visit:

African Centre for Technology studies

Practical Action - climate change adaptation

World Development Movement

Friends Of the Earth

And see our Environmental Links page

Archives – discussion resources

Stories to Inspire

In this section, we have archived a selection of true stories.  Some look at the impact of climate change, others feature Fairtrade producers, while some look at how ordinary people from all over the world have brought their communities together in the face of adversity to create a better life for themselves and those around them.


Taking Root: The Vision of Wangar Maathai

A DVD of a determined, environmental activist woman in Kenya. Wangaar Maathai is the first African woman to be given the Nobel Peace Prize and  wants "to bring the forest to the table at Copenhagen".

WARNING - North American DVDS are not always compatible with UK equipment - Check before purchase.

Mine: Story of a Sacred Mountain

The Dongria Kondh tribe in the Niyamgiri Hills, India want to protect their forests, rivers and mountain. These are under threat from a London-based mining company. To find out more watch their story and campaign.


Back to Resources



Call For Climate Action

For the love of each other, this spring, we are standing with over 100 organisations to call for climate action for the sake of all the things that matter most.

For the love of the food on our plates. For the love of our global neighbours. For the Love of Somerset, the Arctic and the Great Barrier Reef. For the love of country walks and Britain's beautiful seasons.

For the love of all the things we care about, we're taking climate change seriously. And we're not alone.

It’s time to stand up, for the love of each other, and demand action.

Will you share what you love? (

For the love of video

Press Releases


Recently Added Resources

Quotes about "Living Differently" (and each of the 3 elements of the theme) - use them to start discussions, in press releases, as talking points in any event. (added 14 Oct 2014)

Resource leaflets "Finding out more about ethical investment: website links" (Word .docx) (contributed byPhilip Hayllar, Portsmouth OWW Oct 2014)

Living Differently -  Featuring food/a meal in your event? These resources from CAFOD could enhance the menu!  (amended Oct. 2014)

 'Living Differently -a selection of videos to inform and entertain' (updated Oct. 2014)

wordsearch:'The world we want'. Download and print the search and answers (two - suitable for use with the 'Living Differently' theme

 2014 Worship resources for the "Using money ethically" element of the "Living  Differently"  theme (added 13 October 2014)

 2014 - A worship resource from CAFOD - Call of Creation - A PowerPoint for  reflection (added 25 September 2014)

2014 Worship Anthology for  "Living Differently" plus  supplementary material (added 21 Sept. 2014)

Faith and School resources for 2014: School Assemblies on Living Differently(added 18 Sept. 2014)

 Press Release Template for publicising your event 2014 (word.doc) (issued 30 Sep.2014)


Publicity materials for 2014 'Living Differently' (pdf)

Evaluation form for organisers to report back to OWW - 2014  (added September 2014)

Working with Others -in 2014 - Ideas for events and links to OWW Partners and their resources  (updatedvariously from July -September 2014)

Event participants feedback form (for organisers to collect feedback from  participants at OWW events (word.doc)

2014 - a video to trigger ideas to help you start planning your OWW events

"Living Differently" downloadable leaflet for OWW 2014 (pdf) - added 29 May 2014 

Introductory PowerPoint about organising local interfaith/inclusive OWW events in 2014 (updated 28 May 2014)

2014 Theme summary: A4 with 2xA5 single sided leaflets to down load and print for use at planning meetings as an alternative to the full annual leaflet.  (added 23 April 2014)

Pledges to help you "Aspire be more" word.doc (added 1 Oct 2013)

OWW Guide and links to other websites for resources relevant to environmental issues (updated Sept 2013)- (word doc)

Funding Opportunities -  Aug. 2013